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Oh what a tangled web we weave

Do we need a history lesson? Sometimes it seems that way.
As we examine that proxy war going on the Middle East between Saudi Arabia, and her western Allies in Washington and Europe, on the one side, and Iran on the other side, we do have to wonder if Saudi Arabia is funding the Islamic State. Those with an historical memory will remember that it was Saudi Arabia, working together with the CIA, which first provided the billions in funding to help Osama Bin Laden start up Al Queda in Afghanistan, so as to use radical islam as a tool to fight the Russians in another one of those proxy wars of the Cold War. As for the Russians, they didn't have any real interest in a run down country like Afghanistan. After all what does Afghanistan have, other than heroin, that might cause an imperialist power to consider the invasion of their country. However, just along the Northern border of Afghanistan was the Muslim region of the former Soviet Union, and all those Caucasus oil wells that lured Hitler away from Moscow and the bulk of the Russian army during world war two, thus leaving that army intact and able to run away and fight another day, while Hitler went straight for those oil wells. They don't have oil in Afghanistan but they do have Muslims, and if there was thing those Russians did not want was Afghanistan sending radicalized Muslims over the pourous borders into the Muslim part of the Soviet Union, and therefore, indirectly, because of oil wells, Russian imperialism felt it necessary to invade Afghanistan because of oil.

Well as we all know the Soviet Union disintegrated and those muslim countries became like dropped marbles, rolling freely on the ground, waiting to be scooped up by the next imperialist power waiting to make a power play and pick up the pieces, as is always the case when some other imperialist power collapses. It is for this reason that in the late nineties, Dick Cheney stated that there is no other more strategically important region in the world than the Caucasus oil wells. You have to think like some old imperialist to make sense out of a statement like that one, for if some countries should be having oil wells and not having imperialist colonalism, that means those countries are now in play and are available. How to stop the Chinese from moving in before the Americans could get some boots on the ground and scoop that grand prize. Further driving the American imperialists onward was that old fiction about 'peak oil' which was the foreign policiy agenda above all others, since it was quite clear at the time, that with peak oil coming the big imperialists powers would have to scramble to make sure they were the ones that got the oil before someone else got it. This whole peak oil thing was on the foreign policy agenda before people found out about fracking and very deep sea drilling and before they understood that you can squeeze about one hundred years worth of oil out of tarry sands, provided that oil was 100 or 150 dollars a barrel.

Well back then everyone was shitting their pants about the looming oil shortage and that meant that the Caucasus, Iraq, and yes, even Afghanistan were all the radar screen for some more of that imperialists colonialism.

I include Afghanistan on that list, even though it has no oil, for Afghanistan could have an oil pipeline, and that would be required if that Caucasus oil was to be American oil, since the only other route for a pipeline would be straight to China, or through Russian towards Europe. It was for this reason that no sooner did Bush and Cheney get into office than they immediately began dealing with those Taliban in Afghanistan. You see Unicol wanted to build the Pipeline, and the Taliban would provide the security in exchange for a royalty payment, rent as it were, for having that piece of pipe crossing Afghanistan on route to the American oil port on the sea. The only problem was that the Taliban were charging an arm and a leg and there was no damn way Unicol was going to agree to those terms. For that reason Unicol kicked the Taliban upstairs to the Office of the President of the United States, so as to get him to negotiate with those Taliban, since it was obvious that was good for Unicol was good for America, since peak oil was a matter of National Security. So it was that in the summer just before 911 Bush effectively declared war on the Taliban. Actually what he told those Taliban was that he was giving them a choice. They could have a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs. He then sent them home to spend the summer thinking it over. Which they did. For they had just been threatened with being carpet bombed by the American Military Industrial complex and if there is one thing for sure in this world, when it comes to the United States and carpet bombing countries that is never an idle threat. So it would seem that given that the United States had declared war against Afghanistan in the summer of 2001 it seems that the Taliban began plotting their own bombing campaign against Wall Street. It seemed like their best shot since that maybe, just maybe, just might crash the economy and ruin the United States by leaving them flat broke. Well for whatever their reason the Taliban and Al Queda decided to borrow a couple of planes so that they could bomb Wall Street, since Afghanistan is not known for its air force.

Now given that it was the Saudis that paid to put the Taliban in power, it should come as no surprise that the Taliban still had lots of contacts with Saudi members of Al Queda and they were able to get about a dozen Saudis to pilot their borrowed aircraft as they carpet bombed Wall Street and the Pentagon.

Shortly after this someone came up to Bush and said, 'I am so sorry, Mr. President' and Bush replied 'Hell, no, I just made the Trifecta'. For those unfamiliar with gambling a Trifecta is a winning bet on a horse race, a real long shot that pays off big time, and where the gambler has to correctly predict, in order, the first, the second and the third place horses in that race. Now Bush and Cheney were well on their way to the Caucasus. They would have a pacified Afghanistan for the pipeline, and no sooner did they invade Afghanistan than they began cutting deals to station American troops in those countries in the Caucasus. It was all so easy.

That just left Iraq. This was more of a problem. But given that everyone finally discovered that Iraq had used poison gas during the Iran and Iraq war, perhaps it wasn't as hard as it might have at first appeared. This gassing took place back in the first phase of the proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran when Saudi Arabia was buying Saddam Hussein poison gas and anything else he needed to use against Iranians, while the Americans were playing both sides, selling all the ingredients for poison gas to Iraq, paid for by Saudi financing, while at the same time smuggling arms into Iran, just to make sure both those countries would be paralyzed, preferably forever, thus killing two birds with one stone. For those Americans never did like Saddam very much, and it wasn't because they had sudenly developed a fondness for promoting Democracy around the world by toppling dictators (leaving behind their former policies of installing dictators in those CIA coups). No the Americans didn't dislike Saddam because he was a dictator. AFter all the Americans were really missing the Shah of Iran at the time, and he was a dictator. So no, democracy had nothing to do with it. And it wasn't even the oil, because they could always buy oil from Saddam, so no problem there. No there problem was the agenda of 'neo-liberal globalization'.

You see, according to neo-liberalism' you should always privatize your country and give all the profits to capitalists, this being the best way for any country to get rich, as the great wealth of your country trickled down from those capitalists, thus resulting in development. Now as it turns out Iraq's oil was state owned and Saddam was diving the money about in half, using half the money for cronyism and corruption and thieving graft, and the other half to rapidly development the mocdern infrastructure of Iraq, which he could afford, because he didn't give the money to capitalists. In otherwords, Iraq was a mixed economy,half capitalism and half state sponsored socialism. The result was a very embarassing rapid pace of modernization and development in Iraq, which was the only country in the world doing that sort of thing at the time, the rest of the planet having being neo-liberalized and globalized by bullying force prior to this time.

Well this made the carpet bombing of Iraq and the destruction of all that stuff Saddam had built and paid for the state socialist way a top priority so as to get rid of that very bad example given by that eye sore on the planet known as modernizing Iraq. Now as it turns out the British imperialists had taken some crayons and had colored the richest part of Iraq's oil fields down south and then because they were imperialists and in charge of doing such things, the British then named that part they colored on the map 'Kuwait' and then started pumping out all the best oil in Iraq. This had always pissed off Iraq, and so it was no surprise that when Saddam Hussein was left flat broke by the Iran war, and suddenly the Saudis stopped writing cheques, and started asking for the money back, Saddam decided that the thing to do was take back that colored spot on the map that the British has taken from Iraq. It was no surprise that this was a popular idea in Iraq, since a lot of people in that country felt that this was long overdue. And when you consider that the Americans really, really wanted to bomb Baghdad and destroy all that stuff that Saddam had paid for with State Sponsored Socialism, I would suppose it was no surprise when that Ambassador Gillespie told Saddam that America really didn't give a damn what Iraq did to Kuwait. Having been given a green light, Saddam then entered into Kuwait, after which time the sewer and water systems and the electricity and infrastructure that Saddam had paid for by not making the stupid mistake of giving Iraq's money to the capitalists, it was all bombed back to the stone age.

Well at the time, the world was not becoming real short of oil, so Saddam could just sit there in his newly created third world country, and that would only change when suddenly the world found itself perilously short of oil. Therefore it was time to invade Iraq, by making up any kind of bullshit whatsoever, what with it being the war against terrorism, and Iraq being a country that was terrifying the world at the time, somehow. Alas that would be a violation of the International War Crimes laws, which declare the premptive war, you know, of the type fought by Hitler in the second world war (attacking countries on the premise that they might launch terrorist attacks in the future), such wars were then declared the greatest International War Crime of them all. Furthermore, when anyone obeyed orders, even from a President, to fight in such wars, and then tried to use the excuse that they 'were just following orders', that was no excuse. Not after the Nazis tried that excuse and then found that it was outlawed by our new International War Crimes laws. I guess the truth is that those war crimes laws always were just a pile of cynical shit, because they get treated like just so much encumbering baggage when one of those imperialist powers decides to launch a war of plunder because they were getting short on oil.

It would be to easy. Those right wing hawks would roll tanks into Baghdad where they would be greeted by cheering mobs as liberators. All was forgiven. No one would even remember what they had done just ten years earlier. Iraqis are just wonderful people in that way. You could bomb the shit out of New York and send that place backwards by a century and those New Yorkers would just be waiting to rip your head off for it by Iraqis just let bygones be bygones. That's why it was so easy. You just pretty much just had to walk in and then take the oil.

And so here we are two trillion dollars later, and I don't think it should be required that we review history at this point, because that wasn't so very long ago and people could not possibly have already forgotten that dreadful carnage and Vietnam style quagmire. I am sure people still remember that part, what with all the dancing in the streets, just fine and natural sight, everybody dancing in the moonlight. People might have forgotten Vietnam. I suppose they did. According to what I heard at the time from the right wing hawks that first Iraq war had finally 'cured' Americans of that Vietnam Syndrome. That was some years ago, and some people might have forgotten, but that Vietnam war is one that can be summarized in twenty five words or less. You see what happened is that Vietnam was going to have an election, and they were about to democratically elect the communists, this being the nice way of doing things, without all the nasty revolution and gunfire. It turns out that you can have a peaceful transition to communism when its something the whole country wants. Well Democracy be damned because Washington only supports Democracy if you vote the right way. Well a vast fortune later and with millions of Vietnamese corpses littering the landscape, the Vietnamese did eventually get communism, while the Americans got stuck with a hefty drunken bar tab, and then had to start cutting the budget for infant nutrition and whatever else to help make up for it.

So here we are now, with that continuation of the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which can be thought of as yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of the wars of Capitalists and their capitalism. For if you trace that proxy war back to its origins you have to go back to that time in the fifties when Iran switched over to State Sponsored Socialism and took their oil wells and nationalized them so they could do the Saddam thing and start developing Iran. So they had a coup and in came that dictator the Shah of Iran and the dreaded torturers of the Savak secret police, which then led to the Islamic revolution, this whole business of coups and invasions because of capitalism being nothing new. Iraq would be just one example. Then there is Iran. And who could forget Vietnam. Or Nicaragua. Afghanistan. And of course Cuba. That Bay of Pigs thing didn't work, but they did try.

And they did try in Iraq as well, which when you stop to think about, was inevitable, and something that was certain to happen whenever the opportunity came along.

Now having established that Iraq was just another one of those capitalist wars of aggression that then leaves us to move on and deal with the latest manifestation of the Saudi and Iran proxy war. This leads me to ask the following question. Is Saudi Arabia financing the Islamic State? Because you know they are getting money from somewhere. And we all know that Saudi Arabia financed Al Queda. We also know that it is Saudi Arabia financing the Al Nursra front, the branch of Al Queda in Syria, fighting against Iran's ally in Syria. Could they also be financing the Islamic State. That is quite possible, and this is in spite of the fact that the Islamic State would love nothing more than to march on Mecca. However, since Saudi Arabia is looking for a quagmire for Iran in places like Iraq and Syria, it is possible that the Saudis would be giving the Islamic State just enough money to create an endless quagmire for Iran, while at the same time not giving them enough money to march on Mecca. Now if only that Islamic State would stop being so fanatical, I am sure that Saudi Arabia would love to live next door to the Islamic State in half of Iraq and all of Syria, because really there is nothing about the Islamic State that would offend the Saudis, because the Saudis are the Islamic State. They cut people's heads off every week in the downtown areas outside malls, and about the only difference between the Saudis and the Islamic state is that the Saudis aren't well known for making videos. You would have to go to the mall and watch that head being cut off live, and if you wanted a video you would have to make one yourself on your Iphone. The Saudis are also less creative than the Islamic State and so you would not find the Saudis hurling a gay guy off the top of a ten story building, and instead they would either just saw his head off, somewhere downtown by the mall, or perhaps they would slowly strangle him to death with a garrot in front of some gawking crowd.

It is also not to hard to imagine the United States, at some point in the future, having full diplomatic relations with the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, because the Americans have full diplomatic relations with the Saudis, and don't seem to mind all that head sawing going on in that place. Of course, the Saudis are more well behaved, and don't embarrass Washington by releasing vidoes and that might explain it. Let's just say that among fanatical Islamic extremists when they have an Islamic State sawing peoples heads off just isn't a big deal and it only becomes a big deal if they make videos.

Now I suppose we can just forget about the history lesson now that Saudi Arabia and her American allies are having a proxy war with Iran over who will rule over that devastated region of the world. So where do we go from here. If the Islamic State doesn't create a state in half of Iraq and Syria, is the big plan to have the Al Queda branch the Al Nursra setting up shop. They do have this one thing to say in their favor in that they don't release videos. They are also moderate when compared to the Islamic State and so therefore might be more receptive to reason and not get carried away with ideas of marching on Mecca. We have to start thinking long term here and planning out which group of Islamic extremists can set up shop in that region so as to stop Iran. This is the long term plan, provided they can find someone they can live with. Until then I would suppose the strategy would just have to be to continue to buy time and let Saudi Arabia keep sending money to the Al Nursra and the Islamic State so as to at the very least keep a perpetual quagmire in the region, thus stopping Iran that way, while the rest of the world pretends to fight the war against terrorism, while not fighting it hard enough to let Iran win in the region. Maybe they could just bomb the Islamic State just enough to maintain a balance of quagmire with the Syrians and the Shi'ites and the An Nursra Al Queda front. For the time being that endless and well balanced quagmire idea seems to be the strategy of choice, at least until such a time as someone figures out who they actually want taking over in that region that isn't Iran.

Long Quagmire 18.Nov.2015 00:57


"We were warned by Western political leaders that the war against the ultra-extremists of so-called Islamic State (IS) would be a long one. It is becoming increasingly clear their caution was fully justified." (Quote from the BBC). People can't say they weren't warned. That would appear to be the strategy. One long endless quagmire. At least until someone can come up with a better idea that doesn't involve Iran. Just drag that quagmire out, year after year. Meanwhile the right wing hawks are full throated in their call for 'boots on the ground', that idea having worked so very well in the past, like it did in Vietname, and come to think of it, like it worked in Iraq. It makes me wonder if a right wing hawk could possibly be as stupid as they sound. Maybe they just don't give a damn about bloodshed.