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Turkey fans boo minute's silence for Paris victims

That was rude
Turkish fans booed during the minute's silence for the victims of the Paris attacks before their national team drew 0-0 with Greece in a friendly international soccer game on Tuesday.

Is anyone surprised. Maybe they thought that Turkey was in the mood to 'support French troops' as they bombed Syria.

As everyone knows, I have been doing some of the boo stuff myself. Apparently I live in the wrong part of the world, where such boo is unacceptable. But then I guess things look different when you are living in the Imperialist Colonialist power and when you look at things from the other side of the fence, right?

At the very least 17.Nov.2015 17:20


At the very least you are booing the lives of Moslems killed in these attacks. Not that I think this matters to you. I wonder if when your friends and family members die, will you (or have you) piss on their corpses? After all, if they are living in the US or Europe, they are by your standards promoters of empire whose lives are worthless.

That's bullshit 17.Nov.2015 17:37


Dead Muslims, that millions, not 120
I know people think it is just outrageous that the war is not being kept in some Muslim country, but that they themselves are being 'droned' by suicide bombers, but this is war, and people, sometimes, get killed on both sides of a war, as abominable as people seem to think that idea is
France is at war and France just got droned and cruise missiled, the cheap way. It is a war. that is what happens. I know people think it shouldn't but that's the reality of war.

They bomb each other. Get used to it.

high price 17.Nov.2015 17:41


Do you remember when they bombed the water supply and the electricity supply in Baghdad, a metropolitan area with a population of about five million.

Someone once mentioned to Madeline Albright that the price of these bombing policies was the death of one million Iraqi children and she replied 'it was a high price, but I think its worth it.' Well they didn't all die. Some of them grew up to become radicalized suicide bombers.

People keep saying that this all about 'radicalized Islam' as though Imperialist colonialism was like a footnote, and not something we need to remember.

Experts Explain Why People Cared More About The Paris Attacks Than Beirut 17.Nov.2015 18:21


A re-post from ThinkProgress (dot) org

"Experts Explain Why People Cared More About The Paris Attacks Than Beirut"

 link to thinkprogress.org {Full Article}

As news media followed a series of horrendous attacks in Paris over the weekend, many onlookers were left wondering why news outlets didn't offer similar attention to suicide bombings in Beirut, Lebanon the day before, which claimed the lives of 41 people.

"My people's deaths in Beirut do not matter as much as my other people's deaths in Paris," one Lebanese commentator wrote. "When my people died, they did not send the world into mourning," another echoed.

The seemingly disproportionate attention sparked a decent amount of outcry on social media. Most framed the discrepancy as suggesting that Western media prioritizes white lives over people of color Paris is, after all, a European city, while Beirut is not. Others mostly media types blamed news consumers, who they said were driving the demand for coverage of Paris, rather than Beirut. [...]


Brent [quote]:" as abominable as people seem to think that idea is " 18.Nov.2015 01:26


(also Brent, quote): "but this is war"

So war and warfare by its very idea and nature, is not abominable to Brent?

Also, Brent here is a clue for you, based on another one of your own quotes:
" People keep saying that this all about 'radicalized Islam' "

That has been the case since 11 September 2001. Courtesy of the Bush Administration, and their cohorts in government, military, far right circles and corporate mass media.

the 'War On Terror' is virtually __all about__ (purported) 'radicalized Islam'.

i.e. the level of discussion desired, amongst mass media and the populace about all of this stuff (Afghanistan/Iraq/Paris/Beirut etc.) is on the level of exclamatory and panicked "are we headed back to the Middle Ages??" "is Islam compatible with 'modern' society??" "When will our heads be chopped off?" Theological / arcane 'West vs. Islam' debate-warfare. etc. etc.

That's what they __WANT__.

As opposed to, of course:
Looking or investigating diligently into the actual sources of funding, or operational origins of some of these groups such as al Qaeda , ISIS.

(You can though, Brent. Multiple links have been posted here on the Newswire and your very own comment/article threads. Plus in order to further educate yourself and become more aware you can always click the '9.11 investigation' topic page tab on the left page column of PDX IMC.)

Islamic countries are "meh" about bombings 18.Nov.2015 22:49


Not telling you something you don't already know.