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It really is fascinating to watch those media mouth pieces and political spin doctors carry on as if they didn't know that no one is listening

There is this fascinating disconnect between the 'official version of reality' as displayed by all the various mouth organs of the system and the thinking and behavior of all the people around me. These people are not as stupid as one might be led to believe if we were to make the mistake of assuming that their various media mouth pieces and political operatives speak for the people, instead of speaking at the people and attempting to control them or stampede them or shame them into supporting imperialist policies. Supposedly we are all in Paris now. Yes, today we stand united with anyone French, because we are all French in our hearts today. We are all now lining up to 'support French troops' as they set about their noble mission of escalating the conflict by creating even more angered radicalization so as to raise up fresh replacement suicide bombers. Suicide bombers are a form guided cruise missile that can only be used once, and then will have to be replaced. It is also true that suicide bombers are the poor countries low tech cruise missile because the only cost involved in launching one of those guided drones is a plane ticket and cab fare.<BR><BR>

Well you might think, if you follow the media and the political spin doctors and all the various mouth organs of the state that everyone is joining in the chorus, but actually no one is. It is just those mouth organs themselves, and they are very obviously disconnected from the reality of the majority of the people around them. Apparently they don't know that because they live in some kind of insulated bubble, so I thought I would share, help them out a bit, and let them know.<BR><BR>

No one is in Paris right now. Sure people are appalled by war, but they are also smart enough to understand that if you are to cruise missile and drone and smart bomb people in other countries, then you might expect to get a guided missile sent into your own country. It's called war and people do understand that France can expect to get smart bombed and droned and people are also sophisticated enough to understand the imbalance of power in this asymmetrical war and they also understand why France was suicide bombed in that war instead of being carpet bombed by B-52s. It is all a matter of cost and availability. Like Donald Rumsfeld said about that Iraq war, you fight your wars with what you've got (since apparently the guys in Iraq were complaining that they didn't have armored humvees and so they were getting blown up by road side bombs).

I would also like to say a few words to people in far away countries, who might make that stupid mistake of thinking that somehow our media and political mouth organs are the voice of the people over here. No its not. What it actually is some insulated upper middle class or rich bubble reflecting the conversations and view points of a tiny comfortable top percentage of our population, as well as trying to demoralize or bully or shame everyone else in my society into following the party line or at least keeping quiet for fear of catching hell for being 'out of step'. I think things are getting to the point now where everyone already knows that they are not out of step and that actually everyone else is also out of step and everyone else is thinking the same things they are. The only ones who might not know that are those who dwell in that elitist bubble, so I thought I would do them a favor by letting them know about that disconnect and how everyone knows they are full of shit, and it just keeps getting worse the more they flap their jaws, and I also wanted to let people overseas in different countries know the same thing so they won't think that the voice of that system is somehow our voice, the voice of the people over here, because it is not.<BR><BR>