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Where is the proof that Muslims condemn the Paris attack?

This is what you read in the corporate media.
Simply issuing a statement does not equal condemnation(IMO). I can imagine the celebrations that may have occurred in places like Saudi Arabia, Gaza/West-Bank, Syria, Morocco et. al. In the west, condemnation of violence is shown with demonstrations. Thousands openly demonstrated against the Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam wars and made serious sacrifices to show that they were not for violence.

Where's the proof they did? 15.Nov.2015 11:44

Rodentia Citizen

Where's the PROOF they did? Initial survivors claimed on live TV that the attackers spoke and acted just like "French NATIVES". Born and RAISED. Then, VOILA! The ONLY suspect they nab alive is initially described as a Paris "local" who is "well known to the police". Whaaat? They describe him as a "criminal" who is not on the "terrorist watch list" but who is known to have been "radicalized". My God! That sounds like the perfect description of the species of lowlife that are always involved in false flag terror events. Of course there's no real actual follow-up on this character. Probably just another fake attempt to make Les Flics look like Inspector Clouseau is on the job. Or maybe not. That video of a SWAT guy opening up with a machine gun from BEHIND a crowd of fellow cops who look more like a rioting mob says it all. If the bullets were really his, there would be dozens of dead cops because he was firing right into them all and zilch was happening except for the smoke billowing from his assault weapon. Someone let these scumbags into the country. The cops were slower than molasses in January about storming the theatre, thus ensuring maximum carnage. They SAY there's dead terrorists, but we have yet to see any on the news. You'd think they'd be proud to display their riddled corpses to the world and "Isis". And the icing is that the majority of these lunatics "escaped" somehow. It's all just too fishy for words. What a great way to demonize immigrants and foreigners in general! I love America and the idea that this whole thing is part of a vast conspiracy to destroy the world through war makes me shudder. They want a nuclear engagement so they can rebuild it all again in their own twisted image. The 4th Reich baby.

Israel 15.Nov.2015 11:47


Plus that one attacker they nabbed has the first name of ISRAEL. A Jihadist named ISRAEL???? Nononononono

RE: " Simply issuing a statement does not equal condemnation " 15.Nov.2015 13:03


simply posting on Portland Indymedia,

indignant about the purported lack of "Muslim" (??) "condemnation" in aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks does not mean we believe you are seriously concerned about 'condemnation of violence' here.
QUOTE: "In the west, condemnation of violence is shown with demonstrations." [ ?!? w t f .]

We merely interpret that as Trolling.

A troll is someone with whom you disagree 15.Nov.2015 14:30


A troll is actually someone who labels all acts of terror "false flags" - a true believer in the same spirit as an Islamic extremist. No room for discussion. Just personal attacks and nonsensical ranting unrelated to the topic posted these trolls put forth.

RE: " Just personal attacks " 15.Nov.2015 14:37


looks like "anon"

whenever he happens to make his co-incidental appearance on PDX IMC either posting an article or user comment,

is the only one here interested in "personal attacks".

Which itself is a specialty of Disinformationalist Trolls (of the government-sponsored variety). Ad hominem:

e.g. [QUOTE] : .... " actually someone who labels all acts of terror "false flags" "


In the following 42 historically documented instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admits to it, either orally or in writing:

Central Florida Muslim Community Condemns Paris Attacks 15.Nov.2015 15:58


The Islamic Center of Orlando is denouncing the terrorist attacks in Paris, describing the perpetrators as "fanatics" who do not represent the larger Muslim community.

"We believe that these people have kind of hijacked our religion," said Imam Tariq Rasheed. "They have some motives and they are trying to fulfill their motives by bringing the religion into play."

Rasheed said he was saddened to learn the attacks had been linked to the terrorist group ISIS.
He also said the Quaran teaches peace, not violence.

Rarely 15.Nov.2015 16:01


"In the west, condemnation of violence is shown with demonstrations."

Very rarely is this true. Considering the numerous acts of violence the US commits--on almost a daily basis--your statement is almost completely false. Some large acts of violence do get protested, but the day to day violent workings of empire? Rarely.

anon 15.Nov.2015 16:14


Seems like there are three or four anons now.

To me, the use of "anon" lately has been by itself a "false flag" by those who dominate the conversation at Indymedia.

anon 15.Nov.2015 16:27


The "anon"'s I have noticed around here, seem to appear as / correlate with user comments whenever the following topics are brought up :

1) 11 September 2001

2) 'terrorist' attacks

Their typical language is to Ad hominem attack anyone who happens to question (in any manner/form) the official U.S. government explanation for what occurred on 11 September 2001; more specifically, to ridicule/discredit the very idea that a 'terrorist' attack could possibly be perpetrated or otherwise aided/supported by sitting-existing government(s).

anon 15.Nov.2015 21:12


OK, but what other topics are there on Indymedia?

" but what other topics are there on Indymedia " 15.Nov.2015 21:27

you mean

what other topics that get a string of user comments?

it seems that the most "controversial" topic (worthy of any number of 'anon'/otherwise comments at all) is 9/11.

followed closely by anyone's mere suggestion that a sitting-existing government could itself possibly be responsible for instigating/otherwise aiding terror attacks and assassinations. (This one in particular really brings in the 'anon's and 'Garth's...)

I don't see long strings of user comments, or for that matter _any_ user comments, on other categories of PDX IMC articles.

(if you want to define/explain what you were attempting to refer to, go ahead and provide some current Newswire links/examples)