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Tennessee Klan Chapter Behind Attacks Against Canadian Climate Scientist

Winston Miller is on the scene for a while - the oil price surge crisis,Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, the oil price dump crisis -, and he maintained a stringent vector of analysis: the only viable answer against climate disorder is a collective discontinuity erecting the flagpole of individual responsibility once and for all; the elected governments have merely brought about tug-of-war over the fabric. Furthermore, for the impending Iwo Jima in the battle between science and greed not to become a harbinger of nuclear disaster, consciousness is to be raised that once the post is anchored, all the irradiated flags waiting to be attached to it are to be discarded and an uncontaminated pattern composed, before the rest of the way can be taken. It is an easy guess that the latter criterion, representing the essence of a life of activism, has made him enemies, not only among these who got something to lose in climate change, but even more so among some aspiring to win something from it. In this episode, one of them experiences utter deconstruction.
"It is a pity that this particularly vile propaganda piece against climate awareness cannot avoid to admit that even if I were to green-wash its issuers as suggested, the near future would still be so uncertain that sovereign people might rather remain undecided whether to sign a petition whose signature list could come up again on some government desks in a few years" Miller said, pointing to a booklet recently released by the Ku-Klux-Klanīs Chattanooga, Tennessee chapter featuring a caricature of him waving a Confederate flag in front of the Eiffel Tower. Inside it says Miller had become a friend of the Klan, due to its stance on population growth and also because the chapter had heroically defended him against phoney fatherhood claims.

"Not long ago they made such claims, but now they switched their spin. I have always been consistent in my belief that before the war against Nature has irreversibly ended I will not marry, not even for an hour. This has nothing to do with the Klanīs marriage preferences. Why would I build my house on sand, even if it got beautiful windows?" Yet the Klan said it had defended its friend against diverse Black women besieging the court system with phoney fatherhood claims against Miller, and as a result the two sides would have come to endorse each other.

Miller said there had in fact been such a claim by a white woman tied to the racist body, and that it was embedded into the same smears still making up the background of the Klanīs current assertions. "It was kind of bizarre because the attack was masquerading as an endorsement of what I do, so I talked to a gynaecologist among my readers. I thought maybe he could tell me what kind of issues these Klan kids had about my reporting on the demographic dead end. He examined the content and alerted me to a detail I would not have noticed. The black and white narrations both were using the same story element. You remember when Tinaīs Network Talk hired those detectives to prove me wrong?"

At the time a talk radio host had collected intimate details about Miller as to figure out whether there was a suburb tank in his garage or an annual pilgrimage flight on his schedule. "All they could come up with was that I had put a bag of clean laundry into the machine without necessity because I had placed it next to the used one and answered an incoming phone call while doing my chores. I have been using different bags and stored them with a distance in between ever since, even before I learned how interested these crazies were in it."

Tinaīs Network Talk then went on to roll out a big story alleging Miller had lost his environmental credibility quoting villagers saying they had learned that others talked about how he then would have been running around the house yelling at the laundering machine. But Miller said just because illegal wire-taps would prove these claims wrong, the talk radioīs failure to admit the former did not mean that the latter was right. "I had then gone on processing the other bag, and installing stronger hooks for the line. Now the īunmarried guy loses temper over laundry malfunctionī story element again is piled up in the propaganda."

The gynaecologist who is familiar with the broadcast concluded that in terms of demographic science that meant the making of a phoney smear defence claim was to be regarded as morally equal to the making of a smeary fatherhood claim. "Which," said Miller, "is exactly how it felt to me. The lady got more than a few screws loose, she also is deliberately misspelling my name, please take care brothers not to pick that up. I thank my African friend Joschua Gewindeberg from the Catal Hueyuek Reenactment Project for his research."

Miller also said that once Gewindeberg had published an estimation that the Ku-Klux-Klan got him wrong naming the radio host, the latter reacted immediately with harassing African scientists, calling them at their laboratories into a live broadcast and telling them they had won the lottery of the Childrenīs Help Foundation of this or that Absurdistan. "But they responded professionally: One served her a glass of water on his desk pronouncing a toast for the abused children among her followers, and another one responded with a technical suggestion so absurd that it could be child-easily debunked, but only with the mentioning of a few facts very, very inconvenient for racists."

He said he would leave it to others to collect signatures for a boycott of the program because that was more efficient than a campaign anchored with his ego. "I see my personal duty in teaching these who do not yet know what she is according to the specialist I trust." Miller concluded TNTīs most recent claims that he was resentful against its advice because he had lost research notes in the pockets of his pants were too hair-dragged to comment upon and described the show as a burst of hot air in need of a fresh breeze.

"I hope it is not being perceived as male chauvinism, since I do not have mine prepared by a female servant but do it myself, to say that she better ought to entertain her followers with her favourite food, which with near certainty is not the same as mine." Asked whether he feared the Klanīs violence when making it look dumb he said Gewindeberg had described the booklet as "a weird approach to catch up some of the racists who lost their homes in forest fires, floods and heavy winds. Letīs not forget that it is them who are driven by their greed and their fears. We in contrast are the ones who calmly decide the reactor whose safety estimations do not suffice our standards to be disassembled."

"You can easily spot the fascist among the conservatives when you see it leading them. The fascist will take any opportunity to put the plain old conservative on track against us, and let it roll to politically decapitate people like you and me, but confronted with the expectation to take responsibility for its actions it will jump off the train once the steam engine has run hot, and expect us to derail the locomotive and untie the target, rather than stopping it where it is and possibly be asked why just there. The fascist is the one which will then claim that that was all just a message to us how close it could come, rather than the death threat this is."

"It would have been smarter to abstain from tossing out nicknames for alleged children that do not even exist. If they really cared about mothers they would not have done so. These apes could as well be harassing astronomers with headlights. The only realistic way to stop this is for the U-Lux-Lan to drop the letter K, because that is what it looks like to me, a LAN party gone beyond human sanity. I am not going to sue for compensation, because once the right thing is done all the financial issues behind such propaganda will systemically adjust, which is why it is the right thing in the first place."

"The lansmen are to hand in their rare initial to their tax adviser to give it a completely different purpose. Then, instead of paying a carbon tax of $18bn they can pay a karbon tax of $88bn, or maybe an extra kkkarbon tax of $135bn if they do not agree just in time. Yes, it would generate an avalanche effect, yet the true cause of increased avalanches is not the individual but the climate disorder, or in their case klimate disorder."

"So much for the morons. But let me say something more fundamental on the issue of open source. Any open source program you produce can also be used by your enemies. If you have enemies driven by a stay behind fascination it is likely that they will take for free what otherwise would take them efforts to steal. Hence it is important to produce one-piece solutions which cannot be selectively cut back but only taken as whole or discarded as whole. You will have your own purposes to put them on tracks of your usual size, or a hard time pretending if you are an enemy, but no one may line up behind mine."

"Once open source is done well, this side effect is vastly outmatched by the usefulness of the very same programming to your friends. If we cannot prevent our enemies from stealing, we still can deprive them of the monopoly benefit in it. And more important than that, by doing open source programming you can make that strategic step with your results rather than with your ego. For everyone, the serious smith gives away the knife not the workshop. Plus a hammer to make your own, or at least smash a misconstrued reactor, if you are not that ambitioned."

"Hence we have enemies with hammers, and violet fingertips as well. Currently they are at the stage of the naive native who extinguishes wildlife biodiversity in exchange for consumerist crap, and maybe one of our tools here or there. This is why you can see significant roll-ups and reshuffles on the side of our enemy. Using our ideas because our ideas are just better than theirs out-competes all other local tendencies. So theoretically it could be argued we were naive natives as well, since we were using - quote - their - unquote - technique of encroaching seduction to undermine imitation tactics. But in a wider perspective this is a pattern coming from the animal kingdom where natural evolution works that way, the consumerist crap is merely dinosaurs. And like Nature, we just provide the possibility to lift your mind, yet the bird and the bat have to invent their wings independently from each other."

Miller said observing the effects of his teachings on neoliberalists and memorandists often felt "like Picasso explaining Guantanamo to the Nazis." The Klan booklet said together with Miller the Tennessee chapter was staring down "a climate of resentment" emerging from black communities orchestrated by rogue carbon industry investors. It also hinted that the Klan could attempt to poison Chattanoogaīs food supply, as in the supermarket attacks eight years ago, if it felt climate scientists were not paying attention. Earlier, the so-called honorary president of that Klan chapter had appeared on Al Jazeera TV claiming Canada was a part of Unitedstates. Miller said Gewindeberg also mentioned police informers in the group, which would render any publication resulting from their efforts worthless.