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Nov 12 Million Student March & City Hall Fossil Fuel Policy Resolution

At 2 pm Thurs., Nov. 12 the City of Portland city council will begin a hearing on the first in-the-nation major city fossil fuel resolution to ban future development and permits and tax give-aways to major oil, coal, LNG/methane/gas, propane infrastructure for storage and transport (oil terminals and refineries, coal ports and rail-to-ship, LNG processing, oil bomb trains, etc.) and at 2 pm the Million Student March in solidarity with other marches across the nation, begins at PSU in the South Park Blocks to join the city hall hearing. Let's let Commissioner Nick Fish, Steve Novick, and Dan Saltzman know we demand they vote YES on the Fossil Fuel Policy Resolution, and with the saved money better invest in student justice. Fossil fuel projects cost us jobs, lower our bond rating and credit, raise our insurance and taxes, raise our risks, scare away good businesses and tax base, and reduce available volunteers on which schools, parks, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc. depend.
Join students making the connection on money we can save with a more sustainable energy policy and closing the tax give-aways and loop-holes currently given big coal/gas/LNG, and instead have better education, lowered tuition, better student wages, and end to outrageous student debt and lack of accessibility to immigrant families. Get everyone you can to email Nick Fish  Nick@portlandoregon.gov, Steve Novick  novick@portlandoregon.gov, and Dan Saltzman  dan@portlandoregon.gov and say how a vote YES on the Fossil Fuel Policy Resolution without amendments is the best way to save the city government funding, increase tax base, improve the local economy and family wage job security, and improve our bond rating and credit while lowering insurance costs so we can better invest in our students and future. Email thanks to Commissioner Amanda Fritz  amanda@portlandoregon.gov and Mayor Charlie Hales at  majorhales@portlandoregon.gov for presenting and promoting this resolution that will be heard this Thurs., Nov. 12 at 2 pm, and thanks for the resolution to ban oil terminals and oil trains passed last week.

Please spread the word and get as many people to email and call commissioners and to show up at City Hall in red in support of the yes vote on the Fossil Fuel Policy Resolution.  http://350pdx.org/fossil-fuel-policy/