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Video: Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 11.4.15

The monthly meeting of the volunteer Human Rights Commission (HRC).
This longer than usual meeting had lots of public comment and discussions.
The tension at this meeting was due to the HRC endorsement of a letter regarding an Israel-Palestine divestment proposal, regarding four companies in Portland Oregon with Human Rights allegations.
The Portland Human Rights Commission monthly meeting is held on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM - 11/4/15

This meeting due to the large attendance from the public, has held in the Portland Building this month. This meeting mostly consisted of discussion (including many community comments) on the recent vote by the HRC's endorsement of a letter to the Socially Responsible Investments Committee (for Portland).

This signed letter encouraged the city to not invest in 4 international companies that are violating Human Rights in the Gaza area.
Two HRC members rescinded their votes for the letter in this November public meeting.

The four companies to which the Human Rights Commission objects to their Human Rights abuse allegations are Caterpillar, G4S, Motorola and Hewlett-Packard. The city's socially responsible investment committee will make the final decision.

This video [11.4.15] is also posted on Archive (dot) org where it can be viewed, downloaded or listened to as an MP3 audio track.

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Information found on  link to www.bdsmovement.net is copied below:
It expalins the reason why these four companies were selected to divest from.

Roles of each of these 4 companies in the Israeli occupation of Palestine:

Caterpillar sells specially manufactured bulldozers (D9 bulldozers) to the Israeli military. They are equipped with armor and weapons and are used to demolish Palestinian homes, entire villages and agricultural land. These bulldozers are weapons of warfare. Many of us who live in the Pacific Northwest remember that a Caterpillar bulldozer killed an Evergreen University student, Rachel Corrie, when she attempted to stop a home demolition in occupied Gaza.

G4S is a global private security firm. In Israel, they provide security services and equipment in prisons where Palestinians are jailed and often tortured. Palestinian prisoners are frequently held in "Administrative Detention" (meaning they have not been charged with a crime, have not had a trial, and are often denied legal representation). Since the year 2000, Defense of Children International reports that over 8000 Palestinian children have been held in Israeli jails. G4S is an integral part of that jail system.

Hewlett-Packard—provides identification systems that differentiate by religion and ethnicity between Palestinians and Jewish Israelis. Palestinians are restricted in their movement by their IDs and by H-P monitors at military checkpoints—often preventing them from working, going to school or seeing family members. Like the racist passbooks in Apartheid South Africa, these IDs have a harmful impact on Palestinian life and economic well-being.

Motorola Solutions is profiting from the occupation through providing communication systems to the Israeli military and electronic surveillance systems to the Israeli settlements that are illegally built on Palestinian land.

- See more on this divestment program here:  link to www.bdsmovement.net

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Joe Anybody

Video from the Portland Human Rights Commission November 2015 meeting is on youtube here:


Its also posted on Archive (dot) org here: