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The GHW Bush "Biography"- A New Era In Journalistic Bullshit and Media Whoredom

You have to wonder how they actually expect anybody to swallow this contrived psy-ops barrage from the professional liars at Bush Inc. The Bush's are liars.com
GHW Bush at Schoolbook Depository, Nov. 22, 1963
GHW Bush at Schoolbook Depository, Nov. 22, 1963
Busted!  Trolls try to say it's another guy but they're full of shit
Busted! Trolls try to say it's another guy but they're full of shit
On the Job Nov. 22, 1963. Dealy Plaza  What a Great Man Bush Is!
On the Job Nov. 22, 1963. Dealy Plaza What a Great Man Bush Is!
So there's GHW Bush "Biographer" Jon Meacham (where did that 'h' go?) on CNN "interviewing the Shrub about his dear 'ol Dad. If you actually believe that doddering, drooling old man Bush actually had anything at all to do with these so-called "diaries" (that were unknown until now) and that he dictated hours of personal memories into a tape recorder between episodes of wiping his chin, you must think Ethel and Fred were actually married. If Meacham had his nose any further up the Bush family butt he'd be busted for assault. Yeah, the Old Man was a great Amwerican who never lied and spoke the truth always. A true paragon of good 'ol American virtues and solid New England common sense who never did other than joyfully serve two of the biggest criminals who ever served as President, presided over the assassination of JFK, our most beloved and mourned leader, and steal the White House for himself and his former coke addicted progeny. This all looks more like a rush emergency job to shore up the rapidly faltering fortunes of Jeb Bush as he begins to look like the total loser Trump says he is. They probably had a hundred people working on this project so they could get it out ASAP. I've witnessed a lot of great interviewers, but this clown is the worst excuse ever for a journalist. Every word is fawning. Every conclusion is one sided to the max. This is a guy who ran the CIA since Fidel Castro was became a household name. A guy who directed every major move in the Reagan Administration while posing as some sort of elder statesman, while Reagan did his best Gerald Ford imitations unintentionally. Reagan had the mental candlepower of an ant compared to Bush (and Nancy too). Yes, the revisionist history of the Shrub's reign is just beginning. How come? There must be more profound reasons for such a monumental effort on behalf of the Republican/Intelligence axis. 911 befell us under Shrub, as Trump keeps pointing out. Maybe the Old Man realizes that the real 911 truth might eventually seep out to the mainstream someday in a major way. It's certainly possible, and the idea that the Bush's might go down in history as the greatest traitors we have ever produced, might disturb that family more than we'll ever know. Certainly his supposed blaming of Rumsfeld and Cheney for all of his son's ills and catastrophes smacks of scapegoating others to protect the family name from future historical shame. After all, the main CIA headquarters is named after him forever. So we get this ridiculous dog and pony show. On CNN, Shrub could't get in a word edgewise because Meacham just would not stop talking. A mile a minute. Endless blather that attempted to anoint the Old Man with the very crown of Sainthood. Poor Shrub just sat there for half an hour with that familiar helpless stupid expression we all grew to detest. The whole affair is pure delusion on every level. Cnn even dragged out the CFR warhorse and Intelligece Troll supreme David Gergen out to comment on the rigged proceedings. The craziest, stupidest thing he said (and he said a lot of them) was that Prescott Bush was a "Great Man". Hahahahaha I almost dropped my can of Ensure at that one. A man who was Adolf Hitler's BANKER. Whose bank, The Union Bank of NY, was shut down by J.Edgar himself. Grandpa Bush was almost declared an enemy of the state, his pro-Nazi leanings worn on his sleeve. GHW had a rumored nickname in the Company. It was "Icepick". Named so because that was his favorite method of assassinating an enemy back in his salad days as a killer spook. An icepick in the ear or neck was silent and fatal. But he was a Saint! Just ask Meacham or his handlers in Langley and Atlanta.