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Boycott Houston

The 2017 Super Bowl is set for Houston. Will they be handing out bedpans to trans women?
Houston's anti-trans fear campaign has won.

The anti-trans smear-and-fear campaign run by the Christian-hate coalition has succeeded in rebuilding the old queers-are-predators lie. Now, across the nation, trans women will face violence, especially when they use bathroom and locker facilities. I can say this from long experience: the people who want to act out against trans persons take great encouragement from news like this.

By refusing to do business with Houston, we can reduce the idea now in reactionary minds that their long, uncomfortable accommodation to LGBT rights is near its end. I admit that in this I am reaching out to the community to reduce the danger to my own safety; but the ordinance that was swatted down also protected LBGT rights generally, as well as gender and race equality! Hatred and fear against trans persons is now a wedge to destroy all rights (save those of White males); it is the spear point of White male supremacy.

There are more important campaigns right now, to be sure--notably Black Lives Matter--but this effort is related and relevant. I have returned to my precautions when using public facilities, especially when traveling--I check who is outside the door, I do not speak unless forced (and then I feminize my voice as well as possible), I am careful to wear hose and lipstick, I am careful to walk and stand just so, I maintain balance and check around corners--just to pee.

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