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Comment on the Portland Fossil Fuel Policy - Come to Rally!

The City of Portland is taking the national lead on climate policy and protecting the health and safety of its residents. This groundbreaking policy will prohibit new large-scale fossil fuel projects in Portland will be voted on by City Council on November 4th!
Why is this a big deal? Oregon and the Pacific Northwest are being developed into a fossil fuel corridor by Big Oil, Coal and Gas with 27 proposed large scale projects. If all of these 27 proposed infrastructure projects are completed, they would transport as much carbon annually as 5 Keystone XL pipelines - bad news for the climate!

In June 2015, Portland passed the 2015 Climate Action Plan, which directs the city to establish a fossil fuel policy. The City's proposed policy is substantive and will prohibit new projects that transport or store industrial quantities of coal, oil, and gas in Portland in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all Portland residents.

City Council will be voting on 2 resolutions on Wednesday. One, the Fossil Fuel Policy and the 2nd, a resolution opposing oil trains.

Please email the Mayor and other City Commissioners and support the passing of these resolutions! 350pdx has an email form that will send to all 5 Council members which you can use if you CLICK HERE! Phone calls are good as well. The #'s are HERE!. The text of the resolutions is up on the 350pdx Fossil Fuel Policy page.

The rally starts Wednesday the 4th at 1:15 outside City Hall - 1221 SW Fourth Avenue. The hearing starts at 2:30.

homepage: homepage: http://350pdx.org