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Interest Rate Hike Poker Coming to a Climax

There is a saying haunting London stock exchange: What is the difference between the euro and the dollar? Answer: If you see someone kicking a cash-box down the road, you know he is wearing steel caps. The pun has a familiar ring with blue collar workers who are seeing their central banks as ailing white-collar colleagues desperately seeking for excuses to stay off the job: I know, doctor, all my results are fine, but will you for this price please write a professional excuse into that form? Looking at their bread boxes however, most workers self-evidently understand that something is fundamentally wrong with their central banks - and it is not just a clerical error, it is the papal error of financial policy, namely that the political overstretch of a paper tiger ideology is allowed to rip apart the self-proclaimed currency of currencies.
What is happening to the prestigious "green-back" however is not like the tiger going after the bunny, but more like the ivy plant eating the family home. There is no spectacular surprise, there is remarkable growth, there is a lot of time and opportunity to get off that track, and in the end there is irreparable damage. The central bank of the dollar currency is in a situation where even without any economic obstacles to do so, it cannot finish the financial crisis. The emergency diesels of financial policy, the incentives for banks to spend money with expectations of unlimited destiny (in some cases supplemented with pin-prick punishments for these remaining behind their own expectation) have been stinking for so long that now many youngsters in the market never got to know different conditions. The governing council is on the leash of a political ideology which takes the necessary correction for a bargaining card not to be put down on the table before a bestial regime believes to have intimidated its last critic. It is a long and windy road, and the "Federal Reserve Bank" kicking its own fiscal sanity along is a side-effect of the "National Security Agency" death-marching the remaining opponents of its enslavement schemes.

At a recent Trotsky/Juche Bridging Group Session at London Speakers Corner titled "Is the Knife Intifada a Conscious Blowback Against Turnkey Totalitarianism?" the question on the meaning of interest rate hikes was posed as well. Professor Joshua Gwindelberg of Johannesburg University said that the pronouncements of central banks were to be understood like the transition from mutually assured destruction to nuclear missile defence in the late cold war. "At that point the offensive technologies changed and the pattern of attack became camouflaged with decoy. You would no longer have one nuclear warhead entering your space, but ten fake ones coming along with it, leaving you with the eleven-fold effort to destroy them at a distance. Nowadays a central bank decision on interest rate hikes might look quite similar."

"For example, I would be saying, I don´t care any longer that I did not vote for you, and the honks would be saying, follow that guy and increase interest rates by one-hundred-and-ten per cent. Then thirty-eight per cent of the electorate who never voted for mathematics would imagine it was only a slight increase by ten percent to overall one-hundred-and-ten per cent of the hitherto value. Of the rest a solid majority would be so confused that the announcement is being made in per cent and not in percentage points that they would not even come close to understanding that they are being tricked with a nonsensical choice of calculation baseline. A clever minority would see that we cannot build future recovery upon past fraud, but their arguments would be turned down with the brag-phrase that it was merely a slight increase."

He went on: "Have you found in state and commercial media that a military facility in Belgium was gatecrashed by a non-violent activist triggering a terror alarm? Probably yes. Have you found how he did it? Probably not. The purported bomb turned out to be a pile of cinnamon, and the alleged terrorism consisted in the possession of a bottle of shaving cream which he used to write ´BOYKOT TAKTBOOK´ on the gate. Look that up over the intranet and you will find a cold war military operation manual for handling post-neutron-bomb situations, of which critics have been saying from early on that it was written with the purpose to enslave civilian survivors.

Have you found in your media that Germany is cracking down on vigilantes? Probably yes. Have you found that the groups arrested had maps with all the military bases of the American occupation crossed out? Probably not. Have you found that honey-pot gaming continues, leaving rotten factories full of toxic waste and special devices next to protected rivers for vigilante groups to get entrapped in what they are expected to perceive as cheap training grounds? Probably not.

Have you found in your media that the renegade Nazi apparatus got hyperactive like a lab animal in a cage since its occupiers bought off the pre-Crusades dynasty brat running its special guest-house behind Daddy´s castle? That their secret security cabinet even fell to the temptation to fire-bomb a church offering asylum to refuseniks? Probably not. Have you found reports that Palestinians used knives against Israelis? Probably yes. But have you also found that the occupation forces began restricting sales of non-sliced bread first? Probably not. I could be going on like this for ages."

At that point a listener held up a video conference device and said he had a direct contribution from Julian Assange: "First, let me say that everyone can obtain the neutron bomb documents through Wikileaks. Then professor, do you have a snap answer to the turnkey totalitarianism question?" - "Would you expect those re-enacting the bestial torture technologies of the Thirty Years War to have the bizarre ideological battle cries of that war in mind? Would you expect those trying to install an electromagnetic device on your ankle instead of legally ordering you to serve a cellphone like a train driver his train to have medieval torture chambers in mind?"

A man in the audience with a business suit and a suitcase asked: "Please explain the role of the Renminbi in this." - "You have just heard of which leaves a paper tiger is made. Reciprocal neoliberalism means that the thirty-eight per cent effect - named after the breaking point of the Roman numeral system beyond which the simplified maths of the vassals could not count - is valid for these paying lip-service to our revolutionary Founding Fathers as well. It makes up the transcendental beauty of the Arab numbers that they do not have a breaking point, and you can either master them in their entire range of application or not at all, such as the Eurasian alphabets in contrast to the Chinese one. Korea cut some of its ties to China over it, since over-loaded with neoliberalism the Renminbi is nearing the end of its face-saving runway without taking off."

The follow-up question of an apparent Muslim practitioner whether an Arab currency could help the Palestinians from occupation to peace was answered with the proposal to organise his own talk on the issue of How Did the Rouble Shrug Off the Economic Stranglehold since that answer would break the present attention span.