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Hillary Clinton and the Mena Ak. Cocaine/Guns/CIA/Contra Scandal

How the hell did the Clintons ever get away with being major actors in CIA/DEA/Cartel shenanigans that killed tens of thousands of Nicaraguans and addicted millions of fellow Americans to Crack? This youboob vid will tell you how.
TIME "Cleared" Clinton and Blamed Black Mothers!!
Hillary's law partner in her Little Rock law firm, "The Rose Law Firm" was one Webster Hubbell. His brother had a machine shop in town and was secretly manufacturing non-traceable illegal machine gun components for the CIA for illegal shipment to the Nicaraguan "Contra" mercenaries then terrorizing the rural civilian population at Reagan's behest. The millions that came in had to be laundered and local banks were used for that purpose. A book by a former Mena operative named Terry Reed, entitled "Compromised", details in depth the hands-on manipulations by the Clintons to have this incredible story quashed by some of the most powerful media figures on earth. All you daydreaming zomboid idiots out there who still consider Hillary Clinton as some kind of "moral force" that will pull America out of her post 911 quasi police-state is advised to read Reed's stunning account of treason and deceit on a scale so staggering that all the stops were pulled by the shadowy forces that really rule this nation. And Bill and Hillary were their enablers in the Banana Republic that Arkansas was and probably still is. The guns flew out and the Cocaine flew back aboard US military transports, including a C-139 that could haul 30 tons at a time. And so the Reagan years launched the ugly wars down below and the ugly wars in the ghettos and crack infested back streets of a nation awash in drug violence. A "Bright Shining City on the Hill" indeed. And the master puppeteer of all this human carnage was an employee of the NSA named Oliver North, who ran this shadow government out of the White House basement like some mad Dr. Strangelove lurking below. All of these people are guilty of major crimes against not only foreign victims but their own countrymen on a devastating level. Of course North ended up having his own show on FOX, his unimpeachable credentials as a neo-nazi,...er..I mean neo-con guaranteeing that gig. Watching the Hillary show unfold these days is like a psychedelic experience that I didn't ask for, and coming down off this bummer is a bit rough lately. Now she's a "progressive"!!! Whaaaat? Now she's "always been for LGBT rights!! Huuuh?? Now she's against the gas pipeline??? Watch this movie and realize that the key adjective when describing the Clintons, or Billary (They ARE One) is the word RUTHLESS. Don't forget Bill's asshole of a brother, Roger, was a major Cocaine addict, having to sniff up to five grams a day just to appear somewhat "normal". The DEA itself supplied one Barry Seal, a notorious cartel smuggler/pilot, to the operation as the main pilot. They made Seal do it or face years in prison for his other aerial escapades. Reed's account in his book makes it plain that the Clintons couldn't care less if he, his wife, and his kids were all murdered if that's what it took to keep the truth under wraps. Here's the linkage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BE8jq_Sf5M

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The Mena Connection Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running