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VIDEO: Race Talks: “Using Social Media for Social Justice” 10.13.15

Race Talks program this month was titled "Using Social Media for Social Justice".
Three Portland activists describe their use of social media platforms and answer questions on the uses and applications in the current political social struggle for justice.
"Using Social Media for Social Justice"

 https://youtu.be/oK-YGM3kuVw [video 1 hour 33 minutes]

With Guest Speakers:

Julie Falk , Executive Director, B*tch Media

Carlos Covarrubias, Social Justice Blogger, RACE TALKS Volunteer

Adrienne Cabouet, Black Lives Matter PDX

The smaller-group break out discussion at this event were not recorded

This video can be viewed or is also available to be download as a MP3 file or as various video files by going to this link:  https://archive.org/details/101315RaceTalksSocialMedia

This program was filmed at:
McMenamins Kennedy School
5736 NE 33rd Ave., Portland, OR.

RACE TALKS is a monthly free series co-sponsored by Donna Maxey (Founder/Director of RACE TALKS), World Arts Foundation, Resolutions Northwest, and McMenamins.


Archived Race Talk Videos can be found here:
and here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

This Is The Walmart Of Activism 18.Oct.2015 23:42


Yeah, sell your soul to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Piss, and all the slimy appendages of the Mafia Corporate State Megadollar Media. Go ahead. Let the Money Masters tweet you to the Worklesser's Paradise.

The Walmart of the Internet.

Why not just sit in your fat sofa and watch TV? By today's standards, that is a radical action!

Social mediass, my ass.


Activism in Social Justice Movements 19.Oct.2015 10:43


Apparently no solidarity from blues

Not everybody is just sitting there 20.Oct.2015 10:24

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

I agree about creepy Facebook and the fact that these big corporate "services" are not to be trusted.
But I find using some of these tools "do help" with social activism.
And not everybody who are using them are "armchair activists".

For example this computer I'm using was made by a big ugly corporation and my service provider is even a worse "evil".
But I try to use their tools in a way that is helping my community and in a socially responsible way as a non armchair activist.

Alternatives To Corporate "Social Media" 20.Oct.2015 11:55


The only _solidarity_ I consider worthwhile comprises a general unity of interests, and some consensus regarding a very few very established principles. It certainly does not imply total unanimity regarding interests and tactics.

_/ For example this computer I'm using was made by a big ugly corporation and my service provider is even a worse "evil". \_

Well the computer and Internet service provider are absolute necessities, unless we want to go back to distributing pamphlets, which some people sill do.

Instead of using giant corporations like Facebook, you could try this:

1) Get a free Wordpress.com site (takes 5 minutes). (Or, you can use a private "Wordpress.org" website for complete independence!)

2) Activate the "Post By Email" option (it shows you a random email address, that when you send letters to it, they get front-paged directly to your blog).

3) Give the random email address out to all your buddies (well wait, you need to create a filter in case the address gets found out by creeps).

4) Get a web email host that can let you WHITE-LIST incoming mail, then forward the incoming mail to your website (with no ads please!!!) MUST check with them to be sure of no ads (Wordpress.com is free but can't have ads) AND ability to do this. These two are the best I've found (costs about $10/yr):




(It's crazy, but there are dozens of email services out there that pretend to be small, yet are subsidiaries of Yahoo!, Microsoft, etc.)

5) Give your buddies the address to that web email account.

4) When your buddies do this too, and link up, install a "group mailer" so you can send each post to multiple blogs:

Kevin Solway; Solway's Multimail (for Windows) works for me with Linux Wine, if Firefox isn't running, but there is also "TurboMailer" for Linux (check pkg. manager). "MULTIMAIL":

For Mac -- "Bulk Mailer" 1.0 -- Via (safe) Softpedia

This Bulk Mailer does need Apple's Claris Emailer to work:

Now wake the flock up!

Take 20.Oct.2015 12:23


I'll take Adrienne Cabouet's word over blues', largely because I see Adrienne out in the streets doing the hard work of organizing. All I ever see of blues is talking about simple score voting on the internet, and now advocating for some very private system of communication that amounts to little more than preaching to the choir.

Now THAT is armchair activism. Actually, it's armchair masturbation.

No Not Some Very Private System Of Communication! 20.Oct.2015 12:44


The idea is to create a "fleet" of various different but interconnected blogs which everyone can access and can make comments on articles.

If people want Facebook or Walmart, such choices are theirs to make.

Another Alternative To Solway's Multimail (Windows) 20.Oct.2015 16:18


GroupMail Free Edition
 link to www.softpedia.com

Do this!
Screw Mafia State Media!