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Energy (R)evolution by Greenpeace, 364 pp

This is the year when the fight against climate change could take a dramatic turn. The conference in Paris in December presents political and business leaders with the opportunity to take the critical decisions needed if we are to keep average temperature rises to no more than 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius. According to the IPCC, humankind cannot emit more than 1,000 giga-tonnes...
to read the 364 page study by Greenpeace published in September 2015, click on

 link to www.greenpeace.org

Energy Revolution 2015 Executive summary

 link to www.greenpeace.org

Energy Revolution 2015 Key Messages

 link to www.greenpeace.org

Dynamic change is happening in energy supply, but the change needs to happen faster. this Energy [R]evolution scenario proposes a pathway to a 100\% sustainable energy supply, ending CO2 emissions and phasing out nuclear energy, and making redundant new oil exploration in the arctic and deep sea waters such as off the coast of Brazil. It also demonstrates that this transformation increases employment in the energy sector.

What is required is for the political will to be there.

Greenpeace has been publishing its Energy [R]evolution scenarios since 2005, more recently in collaboration with the scientific community, in particular the German Aerospace Centre (DLr). While our predictions on the potential and market growth of renewable energy may once have seemed fanciful or unrealistic, they have proved to be accurate. the US-based Meister Consultants Group concluded earlier this year that "the world's biggest energy agencies, financial institutions and fossil fuel companies for the most part seriously under-estimated just how fast the clean power sector could and would grow". It wasn't the IEA, Goldman Sachs or the US Department of Energy who got it right. It was Greenpeace's market scenario which was the most accurate.

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Greenpeace Is Just As Corrupt As Any 18.Oct.2015 22:24


They are driven by a bunch of lawyer-candidates. They demand Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers funded "IRV" supper-complicated voting.

They ignore machine-free strategic simple score voting.

Greenpeace is just a bunch of sell-out lawyers.

Cynthia McKinney and many others have abandoned their fraudulent game.

GreenPeace is an asset to the Activist Communuty 19.Oct.2015 11:10

Kudos to Greenpeace

Green Peace pulled of a Beautiful action in Portland this summer. In my opinion the action was successful because it didn't rely on the local activist scene. Only an outside group was able to negotiate the logistics because the local activist scene is a leaky container with regards to sensitive information. Greenpeace is not perfect however, they have the way and means tp pull off amazing actions. The Portland action at the St. Johns bridge is a great example. Greenpeace is deserving of the activist community support finacial or with volunteer time.

Just Give It All Away 20.Oct.2015 04:26


Sure just give your "activist community support financial or with volunteer time" to the corrupt Green party. Everywhere else on earth when they get power they suck up to the Ford Foundation, Rockefellers Brothers, Soros money just like the Dems and Repubs. Yeah volunteer for their party.

Until you can (strategically) give from 1 to 10 votes for as many candidates as you wish (who are backed by moneyed parties or not) you will have no power beyond the protest. (It's strategic simple score voting.) Don't work yourself to death for just another Mafia State party. No more "Hope and Change". Time for Nope and Rage!