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It's Just That Easy

An 'x' in the box will kill sea lions.
(Sarcasm, as it seems it's become a challenge to recognize such.)
Got this in the mail yesterday. As you can see, my US Rep has made it infinitely easy for me to vicariously partake in the violence done to 'offensive' sea lions. How can I resist? I'm sitting in my arm chair, don't eat fish, but damn-it, they're our fish and we have to defend them to the last death of every of these 'interlopers'!

I can't wait to see if they start this practice with the various 'actions' of the military and foreign policy.

I can't wait to mark an 'x' to kill some Syrian, or Palestinian...

Gladys!!! Where in hell's my pen? And, hey! You got a stamp? Freedom isn't free, you know!