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Home DEMOLITION - protest going on in PDX

Cops & protesters - old house being torn down in PDX
a friend told me he heard it on corporate news

protesting folks are on roof ? chained to house

i found this LIVE stream at 7:44 PM - video was uploaded starting around 4:45 PM and is 25 minutes long

not sure where this demo / protest is happening at in the city

 link to www.ustream.tv

Home demolition protest #PDX

Location 15.Oct.2015 20:10

Stop Demolition Portland

protester on house roof
protester on house roof

Protest Over 17.Oct.2015 07:59

House Gone

Neighbors said the man had been on the roof all afternoon.

The 26-year-old man voluntarily came down Thursday night was not arrested.
Property owner didn't want to press charges.
The home was demolished the next day.
Three protesters arrested and a fourth person, was later arrested for allegedly keying a police car, which comes with a felony charge of criminal mischief.

Condo's coming soon!

nature first 21.Oct.2015 11:06


I have mixed feelings about demolishing old homes, while I appreciate the workmanship and the character of these homes we have to be realistic about what they are: Something constructed for modern civilization that is destructive to the natural world and often not an efficient use of space. I don't like infill but I like even less urban sprawl spilling into what were once pristine wilderness areas. I am all for the urban growth boundary even if it does contribute to infill and increase rent and home prices. I am also for protecting the fragments of nature that still exist within our city limits, those are the priorities, so as much as I hate to see those old houses go it's better for nature to tear them down and create denser type housing. As long as people continue to move to Portland there will be a need for housing. They have to live somewhere and if the old houses have to go to save nature, then the old houses should go.