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No Criticism / "Bad Words" For Bernie Sanders Among Portland 'Activists', PDX IMC?

so apparently it is not 'kosher' / O.K.,

for people to criticize the political background, record etc.

of this guy who is 2016's "independent" candidate for President.

that is, if you're an "activist" (whatever stripe) based in the Portland area, a KBOO booster, a PDX IMC-er, a "socialist" ...
isn't that interesting.

spam away 12.Oct.2015 23:22


see you in the compost bin for breakfast

" compost bin " 12.Oct.2015 23:33


there is only one person who is 100% guaranteed,

to end up in the compost bin (of history)

Bernie Sanders

Kool Aid 13.Oct.2015 07:43

Finger Pointing

what have you been drinking?
thick with accusations and lean with facts