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Attack On Olympia Police Substation

[read] Early morning on October 2, we attacked the westside olympia police substation. Anonymous submission to It's Going Down.
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Pic Repost
Attack On Olympia Police Substation
October 9, 2015

Anonymous submission to It's Going Down

Early morning on October 2, we attacked the westside olympia police substation. We smashed the windows and door security keypads, glued the locks, tagged the outside, and trashed the inside with paint mixed with brake fluid. One tag read "no cops no charges." Our hearts swelled with joy. A few blunt objects, some super glue,and some paint can be found lying around in nearly any garage (make sure there is nothing incriminating left behind), or can be scored for a few bucks (use cash). A group of trusted comrades with a plan can break piggy's hearts with relative ease, they are too demoralized to even clean up their own sty.

If this strikes you as "violent," consider the fact that the police are the most consistently racist and misogynist of all mass shooters.

We loved seeing the light reflect off city hall's shattered windows as the leaves turned from green to golden. We hope the westside substation stays trashed, with its windows boarded up, keeping out the sunlight. We hope that this way the swine get just a tiny taste of the misery they inflict on millions of people by imprisoning them in cells for years on end. We hope they incinerate themselves inside, and nothing is left, like the prisons we want to see in ashes.

We fight from where we stand. We hope others do the same.
We attack because we want to communicate with you, because we are inspired to act against the police.
We hope you will act in your own way to fight for a world without police.

(copied from)  https://itsgoingdown.org/attack-olympia-police-substation/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

mom 11.Oct.2015 12:52


And when someone's 90 year old disabled mom needs help because some sick f*ck who broke in is about to rape and kill her, she'll dial YOUR number instead of 911. I know you assholes will be right over.

Dear Rat 11.Oct.2015 18:58

Tracy Mapes

Laws both Just and Un-Just are destroying Families and this Nation faster than worrying about whether your fucking 90 year old grandmother gets to be hauled to the hospital by the fire dept.

Cops Don't Make The Laws (?) 12.Oct.2015 16:47


Yeah they do.

Lawyers just sweep up the law money after the fact.

Are you becoming teh troll?

fire dept? 12.Oct.2015 23:06


Who the hell calls the FIRE DEPT. when someone is about to murder you? Turn down your microwave.

Broken Window Theory 13.Oct.2015 08:54

Listening Larry

The Police system is broken and corrupt.
They are unaccountable and serve big business and big corporations.

Who do you call when you need help.
Be careful with whom "you do call".
Many a call to the police for help ended up with a dead loved one.
(example)  link to www.oregonlive.com

We need something better.
The police are killing unarmed folks around the map.
They swarm protesters.
They swarm houseless folks.

Its a broken, rigged , corrupt system.
It needs to be replaced, so when "someone's 90 year old disabled mom needs help", you actually will get some help.
Not a bunch of armed thugs from the good-ole-boy police union.


I wont call them 13.Oct.2015 12:05

But sombody will

A related link posted on PIMC tells of the same "police here to help horror" that we are discussing here.

That post leads you to this horrible true story of the police helping "Robert 'Woody' Woodward"

Call them at your own peril