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Ben Carson Paid MILLIONS by FOX News-Murdoch's Marionette

A creation of Rupert Murdoch, the Ben Carson campaign plays the race card
GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson was paid $2 MILIION by FOX News AND The Washington Times as a "paid contributor" for over a year starting in 2014. Carson earned around TEN MILLION in speaking fees and book royalties as he exploited his newly found celebrity status compliments of FOX. The recent flap over Murdoch tweeting that Carson would be a "real" Black President compared to Obama is a calculated campaign step for the Murdoch/Carson machine. The entire campaign theme stating that Carson is some brand of "political outsider" is nothing but a steaming pile of P.R. This guy was recruited by the shape shifting Murdoch as the "alternative" to Obama. If you think Obama was a cynical creation designed to making true liberals believe in his chicken-in-evry-pot BS, Carson is the ultimate Trojan Horse being pushed onto the world stage by the English Warlord of tabloid propaganda and NWO mind manipulation. Is Carson the front man for one of the planet's most malefic social forces? Looks that way. Especially when he says he would confront Russia with Syrian/Iraqi no-fly zones "on every border" and risk starting an impossible to stop thermonuclear Armageddon. That's Rupert talking tough through Carson. That's the U.K. attempting to corner the U.S. market on global paranoia. Covering their own Euro butts by proposing that we, the United States, go and start WWIII with Putin over some Godforsaken stretch of barren sand. Carson is the ultimate personification of the "race card" mentality being used as a weapon in this election campaign. Besides being Black, he's a "baby doctor". How pure and heart-driven he must be! Saving little babies' lives. He must blessed by The Lord. On the surface he seems like someone you might be able to believe in. There's enough there to push this image of benign doctor. Mr. Benign Doctor shilled for a supplement manufacturer when he worked for FOX News and was paid millions more. The company was successfully sued by the government for $4 million for false medical claims. Carson was in violation of FOX rules by doing endorsements for outside interests while employed by FAUX, but Rupert didn't slap his wrists. He had a better idea.