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Years Later Still No Door on the Mens Room in Lownsdale City Park

Since 2013 I have been asking as well as others, that a "door" be put on the Men's restroom in Lownsdale Park in downtown Portland. This total lack of concern by the city parks and by city hall and especially Amanda Fritz who is in charge of the parks department needs to be publicly noted.
Lownsdale Park is the only Mens Room Restroom in the city of Portland with a front door that does not provide the required decency for those using the facility inside it. This 'problem has been "institutionalized long before I cam along to document and "ask for change'.
Can you believe a city park system management and and city leaders in charge of the parks, would year after year just continuing to close their eyes, ears and mouths to this twisted / abuse of power and wishing I would shut up or let it go.

The toilets / urinals and them being "used", is visible from the street!!
That is a fact and its plain as day... it would be unacceptable all over this town and would not be tolerated ... so why it OK in this park?

The fact that this dignity and equity problem is allowed to continue in this fashion is very concerning. As a man who is using the urinals or toilets you can be seen from the public walking by on the sidewalk. There is no door or any means to provide a barrier of privacy. No person should have to use a toilet facility in a Portland park while exposing themselves to the public being required in order to use the facility properly.

The PUBLIC do not "need" to see people using a urinal when they walk by everyday, all day on that sidewalk by that restroom.
The public do not need to see from the PARK AND THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK men pulling their pants up or down while using the toilet.
The men who need to use this facility do not need to give up their dignity and respect just to use a city run restroom in my city park.

This "non addressing" of the missing restroom door is done deliberately and in a derogatory neglectful disrespectful way for many years, I firmly feel it is a human rights violation directed towards the homeless in that area.

I have called out to Amanda Fritz, the Portland Parks Department, the city council and the Human Rights Commission.
Now I just call them all out for the record ...and the to note the fact that they WONT --> "Fix the Mens Restroom Door in Their Portland City Park".

It's about dignity, respect, equity, decency, common sense, privacy, public decency, exposure, safe spaces, public parks, and institutionalism human rights violations.

The fact that they wont fix the issue does not solve the problem.

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