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Russia Faces Diplomatic Crisis over Arctic Drilling

It is neither Ukraine, nor Syria, nor any of the other war theatres where Putin´s acolytes inflicted upon themselves the worst damage to his efforts to his ambitious foreign policy, but the most unlikely places of all - New Zealand. A protest against Arctic oil and gas exploration in Auckland which is actually closer to Antarctica than to the North that took place this week in front of the Russian embassy there which houses offices of several of its state-run fossil energy corporations now has an unexpected diplomatic aftermath. Although not a friend of climate protesters, the local government is not amused that the Russian ambassador came out of the building foaming and screaming and personally engaged in violence against activists.
According to protest organisers, climate activists had put up a giant tripod in the entry lane to the compound blocking traffic and engaging corporate and embassy staff in conversations about climate disruptions. One activist had climbed the structure and got seated into a hammock anchored at its top, making it impossible to safely clear the way without ordering an hydraulic platform to be brought in. As the police commander on the street attempted to explain that his employees were obliged to wait for the proper procurement of the procedure, the ambassador who looks back on a career in European and North American capitals, lost his temper, wrestled his way through the police cordon and went to rattle one foot of the tripod.

Although equipped with middle lines to prevent accidental spreading, the life of the activist in the hammock was put into severe danger for several seconds until the aggressor was swarmed by local cops, which due to his diplomatic immunity could do nothing but escort him back into his compound. Now the government in Auckland has completed its investigation with an expulsion letter to the violent diplomat whom it ordered to leave the country until Sunday evening local time.

A foreign office spokesperson said Moscow was free to reciprocate even if New Zealand embassy staff was totally innocent of any likewise conduct there. "We ordered Mr. Dennsow to leave for a reason, and would even have done so if he had succeeded to evict the entry lane. What he did was meddling into the affairs of a sovereign country and that is not welcome. Short of a formal apology in the introduction procedure of his successor we will also expel eight of his corporate executives in order to prevent any repetition of such incidents."

Critics of Putin´s grotesque idea of the re-erection of an Imperial Russia have reiterated that although he does seriously attempt to somehow compensate for his mistakes in the Libyan war, these efforts have been far from successful. "Before the Libyan war, there was a campaign in the United Nations to reform the broken regional grouping system and give Africa appropriate weight in the Security Council. In this group Libya´s bid for a permanent veto was joined by other nations from regions already represented there. These do still navigate in Libya´s shadow even after it lost the war. If you want to know at which point Putin puts energy profits above politics look at Libya."

Why Does Portland Indy Let CIA Post Here? 03.Oct.2015 06:59


"Critics of Putin´s grotesque idea of the re-erection of an Imperial Russia..."

Yeah right.

amazing 07.Oct.2015 10:51


Putin has an ambitious foreign policy as compared to whom?