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BREAKING: Active Shooter Confirmed on Oregon Community College Campus in Roseburg

Authorities are responding to reports of an active shooter on Umpqua Community College's campus in Roseburg, Oregon, CNN reports.
Anybody got any news on this?

Did Shooter Tip Off Community College Shooting On 4chan? 01.Oct.2015 13:12


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A posting from the image-sharing site 4chan appeared to predict Thursday's Oregon college shooting.

A 4chan post may have predicted the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, with a post early on Thursday that appeared to be from the shooter giving a warning about the attack.

The shooting took place at the western Oregon college campus on Thursday morning, with reports that as many as 15 people were killed in a mass shooting. Police said they have detained the shooting suspect and that the danger to students is over, but the death toll from the attack has continued to rise.

Now it appears that the Oregon community college shooter may have left an ominous warning. A posting from the image-sharing site 4chan appeared to predict Thursday's Oregon college shooting.

The post read:

Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.

happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning

so long space robots

The nature of 4chan is fluid and threads are not archived, but a screenshot of the 4chan posting was uploaded to Imgur, showing the exchange in its entirety.

Some of the users on 4chan also appeared to egg on the person, though they may not have known if the threat was legitimate.

I suggest you enter a classroom and tell people that you will take them as hostages. Make everyone get in one corner and then open fire.

Make sure that there is no way that someone can disarm you as it is possible. I suggest you carry a knife on your belt as last resort if someone is holding your gun.

The person also promised to give more updates.

Video of alleged shooter Toby Reynolds 01.Oct.2015 16:15

Jody Paulson

Oops, guess I was wrong 02.Oct.2015 06:30

Jody Paulson

At least I said "alleged" shooter. Which he was by at least a couple of sources on Twitter before I left the library yesterday. Now the media are saying the alleged shooter is Chris Harper Mercer.