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Letter to the Department of Defense

Posted to Facebook 10-01-2015
OK! Mother-Fuckers! Get the Fucking Microwaves Off My Ass! 38.676380, -121.366016 You Should Be More Than Ashamed that Any One of My Family Members Ended Up Like This! After all the Shit I Did for You Assholes during the Gulf/Iraq/Afghanistan Conflict in 2006.  https://c1.staticflickr.com/.../20885821973_32712f0e36_b.jpg MRI  https://c1.staticflickr.com/.../21866163351_e5d8b78d77_o.jpg And I Don't Give a God Damned! if You have To Fly 24/7 F-16 Cover to Do It! Take Care. Tracy Mapes This is Fucking America!

Links don't work. 01.Oct.2015 13:21

Converse Murdoch

What did you do for the DoD in 2006 ?

Dear Murdock 01.Oct.2015 14:13

Tracy Mapes

Advised the U.S. Military how to defeat and reduce the effectiveness of IED and Car Bomb incidence during combat operation. I also advised them on communication skills and implementing treated water programs to assist in gaining the confidence and cooperation of indigenous tribes to facilitate an early end to the Iraq War.

The one thing you will never hear is the words Thank You from those who didn't get their legs blown off, and you couldn't give the Men back their legs who already did. Advice is cheap, and only really achieves value when it works. The article I wrote on Medialine.Com message boards resulted in an 80% reduction in IED, Car Bomb incidence within 3 weeks. The time it took to implement the countermeasures.

It certainly took effort on their part.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

P.S. - "There are no straight roads in Iraq" - Quote from unknown military person in regard to my suggestion to utilize super sonic aircraft to pre-detonate IED's. The other suggestions included: pinging the ground with known cellphone and garage box frequencies with AWACs Aircraft to pre-detonate Car Bombs before they reached target, while in transportation, or during assembly. Garage box frequencies were also to be pinged as the enemy was using garage door boxes to detonate weapons. Smaller frequency emitters were to be place at check points or areas of concern which also broadcast the cellphone and garage box frequencies to pre-empt mobile devices reaching populated targets.

Additionally, to patrol major motor routes with FLIR equipped helicopters, to look for recently disturbed soil to detect IED's and dispatch EOD Teams to the location for further investigation and removal.

Take your god damned sunglasses off when you talk to the people. They are afraid already, they need to see your eyes if they are going to trust the words you say.

So. I'm "Officially" Listing My Sister's Death as a Government Homicide. 05.Oct.2015 05:06

Tracy Mapes

Non-Lethal? Bullshit!

The Microwave Weapons they are using destroy cellular structures, cause clots, poor circulation, cramps, bloating, asphyxia and Brain Death.

I wouldn't have known if they didn't start up attacking me again after 6 months of Non-Lethal Interference with my life, and immediately after her hospitalization and prognosis.

She is gone now, but I am not fuckers!

Rest in Peace Becky, I Love You Tracy.