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300 BIG Douglas Fir Trees mey get clearcut in Jennings Lodge for 72 home Development!!!

OCT, 01
Public Land Use Hearing.

at 9:30am at the Clackamas County Development Services Building Auditorium. located at: 150 Beavercreek Rd Oregon City 97045

This is the big one- the public hearing regarding the proposal from Lennar to change the zoning from R-10 to R-8. Lennar has stated that if they don't get the zone change, they will not purchase the property. Let's pack that place and show the county and the hearings officer that we DO NOT want this!
Lennar Corp wants to build a 72 home development on the site of an Old historic Church Campgrounds in the heart of Jennings Lodge, Oregon.

This would require the cutting of at least 326 BIG Douglas fir trees, which reportedly have diameters up to 5 feet 1 inches. (*I estimate their age at 150 to 200 years, and 150 to 185 feet tall -- see Google Earth image attachment with 100 ft canopy layer). The property is located right on the edge of the Willamette river, home to Bald eagles and many other animals who depend on that watershed.

Show your support for this crucial habitat.



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