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YouTube/Google Must Die -- Nothing But Another Private TV Station

YouTube/Google censors real radical content. And provides free, degraded "intellectual-privacy" crap. Just like Fox TV
Look what they did to these fine people:


Very, Very Brave, Portland IMC! 28.Sep.2015 14:05


Here's some links that still work:

StormCloudsGathering is Under Attack - Major Changes Coming

Ukraine - Evidence of a Washington Coup --
It's worth noting that we've been warning about how where this situation was headed since 2011.

Storm Clouds Gathering -- about:
Against War...
Against the Orwelification of social order...
Against the Debt &
Debt Based Money
Control Grid...

Thanks, Portland Indy!

More Great Stuff! 28.Sep.2015 15:06


These folks just talk the talk!

They walk the walk.