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Are we all equally miserable yet?

Until we are all equally miserable it's important to continue liberal policies in government
It's not fair that some people have and other have not. The only way to address this is to balance things with a fair redistribution of wealth.

One technique employed by the Portland City Council is to identify people who have a track record of paying their bills and taxes (these are likely the privileged who work and need to be brought down a notch). Some have speculated that the city has a list of "go to" people who have been duped in to things like paying things like Arts Tax - these people will pay anything and are great resource for revenue which can be used for social services and such.

Eat The Rich 27.Sep.2015 06:58


Since the rich have abolished "upward mobility" (getting more money), why not just abolish the rich people?

Nothing against it in the good old constitution, and even if there was, at this point, who cares?

We can simply send Confiscation Squads to the rich people's homes to seize all their ill-gotten loot. Since the rich have all the money, that means we each get at least One Million Dollars! Nothing wrong with that.

Plus the Confiscation Squads beat the crap out of the rich Mafia State Bosses, just like the police do to the rest of us. Nothing wrong with that.

Don't let the fat "supreme court" get in the way with its panel of corrupt lawyers. Impeach them all, and do not replace.

Get a new congress with strategic simple score voting, and get the job done. Then pass the Detroitriot Act. (The "constitution" is null and void; the articles of confederation were the real founding documents.)

We have nothing to lose but our poverty.