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Catholic workers in Portland?

Catholic workers in Portland, Oregon?
In yesterday's discourse to the US Congress, Pope Francis honored the work of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement.

Is there any Catholic worker activity in the Portland Oregon area?

here's some linkage for catholic workers, including Portland 27.Nov.2015 03:40

St Mysterious

here you go, the whole directory. BUT be careful, the last i heard (knew someone who lived there), the Portland Catholic Worker house (owned by st francis parish, a seemingly decent bunch in general) was really a frat house in disguise. with a few of the attendant corruption problems. With a facade of helping the occasional homeless person who had to do all the housework, and be subject to sexual harassment.
Hopefully a serious bunch could get in and rescue the other serious people there, and turn it into the real deal. Not just a cheap/free rent crash pad for bad boys or semi bad boys and a few enabling girls.

well, that was a while back, hopefully the bad seeds moved on. if not,maybe the read deal can come along and make them.