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Sustainability through gravity-driven free energy generators, and Grow-Live Towers.

Two designs for the generation of electricity power exclusively by gravity, and the design description of the Grow-Live Tower.
One cannot defeat the system when they control the system, one has to replace the old system with a better one.
The Power Multiplier Device is the best of the two FE generators. It is located (it's description) on the Overunity.com website, in the community section, under the category 'gravity driven devices.
The second generator is the Pinwheel Generator which can be found by just punching in the title and viewing the sites.
The Grow-Live Tower is simply a cylindrical structure, having a center support pillar, with outside support pillars around it's circumference. Suspension cables connect the inside pillar with each outside pillar to support the floor levels.
The lower 40 levels are where the people live, the upper 100 levels are greenhouse levels. The FE generators provide the energy for the live levels, as well as for the grow levels with their grow-bulbs and heating. Sunlight is reflected into the structure, the outside is all glass.
With each level being 3 acres, each with up to three growing seasons, this allows for 900 acres worth of food for the 5,000 inhabitants. The whole structure requires less than 4 acres of land and will greatly reduce the sprawl effect of big cities.
Water conservation, filtered air to reduce insect-spread disease, clean food and water, are some of the positive effects of theses towers. Electric cars recharge on the ground floor for free.
If one complete tower could be built to show the world, many might follow.
Thank you,
Russell Lee
Designs for the World Project

This Is Actually, You Know, Silly 25.Sep.2015 02:42


If anything like free energy becomes a real thing within 100 years I will be quite surprised.

Plants need sunlight, and there is only so much sunlight available per acre. You will not get more by building towers.

I would prefer detached dwellings for individuals (not apartments) with greenhouses on top of the roofs. Make them with steel outer walls, formed into heat insulating cavity walls with aluminum inner walls. Everybody should be given upon reaching 18 years of age.

I think "inertial confinement" fusion will be the clean energy of the future.

TANSTAAFL 25.Sep.2015 05:59

Mike Novack

As soon as you see something touted like "free energy" run for the hills. Don't get taken in for one moment by such nonsense.

Look, THINK about for just one moment. The usual "conspiracy" theory put out is that some scientist somewhere has discovered different laws of physics that would make such a thing possible but has been "paid off" by the monied interests to suppress it.


Anybody who has gone onto science would value things differently. Ask yourself, what would it MEAN to be the discoverer of a new law of physics. How much money would it take to compensate for giving up a seat among the immortals like Galileo, Newton, Einstein, et al. In other words, NO amount of money would do.

Sorry, but there is no escape from the corner we humans have gotten ourselves into. We WILL have to live sustainably on this planet, one way or another. And many of those anothers will be quite unpleasant. Nature WILL survive, but whether we humans will be part of that community remains to be seen. Or at least, how many of us.

Not quite 26.Sep.2015 06:38


I don't dispute the your main point Mike, but some scientists clearly are willing to be paid off. See the climate scientists who work for Exxon; etc. But yes, I would gather that for most scientists, aside from being driven by data, it would be nice to be in the pantheon.

Programmed thought 12.May.2016 09:25

Russell Lee

I understand that the accepted idea is that perpetual motion, free energy generators are things taught in the education system to be impossible, and that many state that the Laws of Thermodynamics somehow prevent their operation. This is programmed thought.
The introduction of both the Pinwheel Generator, and the Power Multiplier Device show these 'laws' are limited to two dimensional models that require the electricity they produce to be looped back into their operating in order to allow them to recycle back into their generation restart stages.
When gravity drives both the generation, and recycle stages, any electricity generated is free to use outside of the system simply because they do not need electricity to operated.
The Grow-Live Towers can produce simply using reflected sunlight, and grow bulb technology (by the energy generated).
The monetarist system required monopolies to control the population, their education systems do not teach free thought, but establish the perspective in the student to allow them to be easily assimilated into the system. Programed thought.
Learn to think,
Russell Lee