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From "Existential Threat" to Political Partner

Bernie Sanders: Moment of Truth for Democrats Jeff Faux:  http://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/09/20/bernie-sanders-moment-truth-democrats Bernie Sanders' candidacy has created a moment of truth for Democratic voters, testing how serious they are about changing the country's direction. We cannot be certain, of course, that even a President Bernie Sanders could loosen Big Money's stranglehold on our democracy. But we can be certain that neither of his rivals would even try.
From "Existential Threat" to Political Partner
by Norman Birnbaum, Sept 22, 2015


"In the short run, there are no foreseeable ways in which the process can move forward. The President has chosen to avoid
marching into new defeats under old illusions.

In an earlier article, the President, ignoring the preposterously inflated demands of the American war party, is at one with
an inarticulate American majority in seeing no point to another interminable and unsuccessful military operation in the Mideast."

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Forget it Man ... 23.Sep.2015 20:48

Tracy Mapes

...There is no right left or middle. There is a Black (Operations) President. But not the one you think.

Abolish the Rebubs And Democs 24.Sep.2015 05:21


Vote for whomever you want.

Give from 5 to 10 votes to anyone you want, as many as you want. Vote strategically. Then just add all the votes up. Simple as that.

We are not inarticulate, we just don't care, since we are married to a duopoly by single-selection voting.

Use strategic simple score voting.

End the duopoly.

I'm loving it... 24.Sep.2015 08:13


There's nothing so satisfying to see a candidate like Hillary Clinton sweat in her Reagan Republican pant suits. She's actually facing someone with years of consistent views that might actually be seen as on the left. It's been a long time. I know, one doesn't have to be very 'left' today to be seen as such, but she's been so far beyond that for decades that I really don't understand how anyone can claim otherwise with a straight face that can't be equated with the look of ignorance (as in 'ignore').

RE: 'Left' and 'Right' in 21st century usa 'politics' 24.Sep.2015 20:10


can either of these terms ('Left' 'Right') be used with any seriousness or veracity, with reference to political agendas in today's America?

this state is beyond proven to be corporate plutocrat run and owned. Including the "two" major political parties.

furthermore the (former) labor movement has no backbone, effect or relevance whatsoever to current geopolitical and capitalist expropriations.
(the labor movement of the 20th century U.S. had some input to what defined 'Left' and 'Right', back in that era.)

Is there any issue or topic discussed / regularly listed on Portland Indymedia, for example, which is actually being addressed (never mind it being-leaning "in our favor") by the mainstream of U.S. politics? In _any_ capacity? i.e. do these "elected" politicians give a &^*t ?

Anyway the current (2015) propogation by corporate-owned mass media of the game of charades better known as the U.S. pResidential Selection Campaign, most certainly has nothing to do with illusory/past-centered 'Left' or 'Right' (Bernie Sanders included) agendas.

The Filthy Rich Are Spoiling Everything 25.Sep.2015 02:21


The only way to get rid of these rich trash (like Trump, et al.) is to simply take away their money. The Money Troopers show up at their house and grab the money. Simple. Impeach the useless supreme court and do not replace.

Contrary to Kurt Vonnegut, each peasant will receive 1 $million.

This party must end.

Vote for whomever you want.

Give from 5 to 10 votes to anyone you want, as many as you want. Vote strategically. Then just add all the votes up. Simple as that. No machines.

How much more Mafia State Media garbage will we swallow?

agreed, ? 26.Sep.2015 07:10


And I think most of us here know the labels may not be seriously applied. They're there for the purpose of communication as readily recognized. Gotta take it all with your favorite salt (cyanide salts?) and enjoy laughing while the ignorant (again, as in 'ignore') take it all so seriously.

Hey, didn't you just love Boehner's cry in public? What a show!