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San Jose affordable housing law headed to U.S. Supreme Court

Wealth is really produced socially. The state takes enormous risks and makes massive investments in schools, roads, hospitals, food safety and environmental care. Without state investments, private wealth would be impossible. The top federal tax rate was over 70\% from 1938 to 1982. Our revenue crisis is a crisis of tax injustice where secretaries pay more in taxes than rich investors like Warren Buffet. Tax justice, closing tax havens and public investment are vital.
San Jose affordable housing law headed to U.S. Supreme Court by Howard Mintz, Sept 15, 2015

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The California building industry has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its legal challenge to a San Jose affordable housing law upheld earlier this year by the state Supreme Court.

In a petition filed Tuesday in the U.S. Supreme Court, lawyers for the industry argue that San Jose's law and others like it across California violate federal constitutional protections against the "taking" of private property. The Pacific Legal Foundation, a conservative Sacramento group representing the industry, has taken its fight to the nation's high court.

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