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Wise Retirement Philosophy

"Dope will get you through times of no money better'n
money will get you through times of no dope."
Don't know the author's name, won't look it up (those curious can expose themselves to google), so the fact that this came from a 'Furry Freak Brothers' comic will have to suffice for attribution. It should also give a good idea of my age...

I've been quite apprehensive of public participation in the financial markets as seen today since I watched a simple stratedy like IRA (Independent Retirement Accounts; They still have those?) intended in the time of 'expensive' money to increase public savings in banks for lending purposes. That money's availability would decrease the competiton for loans and consequently the borrowing rates.

(That was a mouthful of shit...)

At any rate, as that thing morphed in the 80s along with what seemed a concurrent shift in the political spectrum (interestingly enough) to what we see today in retirement offerings (and the power those who control that money weild), I'm surprised that we as a society haven't learned to kick ourselves in the ass over it yet. We'll find any scapegoat, which is just what business would really want you to do. At least those businesses of the psychopathic 'I owe no alleigence to anyone' corporate model that works so well for a few and keeps the public salivating over the good fortune of having those entities burn their way to the privelege of holding for ransom the fruits of the common man's labors. Oh, did I forget to mention, too, privelege of overblown salaries, faux markets, long drawn-out ponzi schemes that deny common attention-spans? OK...My breath is getting really bad from this shit, and you'd like me to get to the point.

I've always lived simply. I like material things, but I'm not willing to be responsible or spend time and effort in maintaining such things. I've got a lot of books, more musical instruments than I can obviously play at once (which is one, in some cases with the whistles, flute, and keyboard, on a stretch two), but that's beside the point. It's just easier, and I'm into 'easy'.

I was thinking today that it was funny that I really had found the perfect retirement philosophy so early in my life. I never expected to live in the same manner as an unproductive economic member whose only contribution is drips in velocity stream of money through the system. That expectation seemed rather idiotic, 'maintaining my station', even if it has been achieveable for more than maybe anytime before. They, and me, too, if I'd made the effort and compromised my personal philosphy, just fell into the best times of the current financial scheme. Will it continue to be this good? I dunno, but how much is the world debt? 64 trillion or so? Hell, it's up there somewhere. Now ask yourself how long the financial people can avoid the realizaton, or at least uphold the denial of the realization, that the world isn't going to grow into whatever that debt is soon. What that implies is some upheaval that is a natural component of money and power. Things like economic depressions, wars...

I've already resisted one war so that was quite comedic at each stop, from the Selective Service Office through the pre-induction physical, on to the Federal Marshalls ("What would you have done if I'd ran?" "We'd shoot you." I tended to believe it because nobody could run in those shiny shoes...) to an arraignment and bond appearance in filthy jeans with a broken zipper, to a probation officer who was a real sadistic twerp who drove a yellow Porshe and seemed to have something for high-necked sweaters, to wanting the kiss the bald head of Gerald Ford who sent me that piece of paper that absolved me of my 'crime', even though I had only a few months before it was all over anyway. But depressions, or recessions, or inflation, or deflation, or the dreaded hyper-inflation, due to the fact that I'm as common as they come, can't be really resisted, can they?

I'm no doom and gloomer, and I obviously care, if the finger-exercise I've put into this is any way gauge my interest, but I don't worry about it, and retirement's just fine, if sparse. It paid to keep practicing 'simple' all these years.

So remember, "Dope will get you through times of no money better'n money will get you through times of no dope."

What a great lesson, huh?

So I'm Just Another Furry Freak. So What? 10.Sep.2015 22:39


The furry will come in right handy when the cold wind blows.

And it will.

The freak part will do quite well also.

Give it a short wait.

blues 11.Sep.2015 10:31


We might need more fur, huh>?

You look around, and it seems with that shift in the political spectrum, is some public desire to depilate themselves head to toe. Beyond the actual serious skinheads, what are they doing? Do they have some unconscious desire for their lost pre-pubescence? Don't hand me that 'cleanliness' crap. What in hell are they, all porn actors? Good hygiene isn't some deodorant and perfumes. (This is all written tongue-in-cheek, so don't pillory me over this in Pioneer Square. I don't really care and one has the right to actually disfigure themselves in much worse manners. Hair is hair. Live with it or not. It's one's choice.)

I once played in a band in which myself and another were the only consistent members. (Pay attention kids. This story has a lesson for you and your personal 'plans'.) At any rate, the other guy was tall, well-built, defintely teutonic-looking (was of German descent) dude who took to shaving his head. Me? I'm a short, slightly-built (never over 120 in my life), hair-down-to-my-waist old hippie who was just looking to have some fun and enjoy my music in some other setting than my front porch. We lived in a rural area, so good bass-players (who always seemed to focus on making money despite the apparent impossibility in an area where, yeah, people drank, but the income average was less than 20K/yr, so were doomed to beat on their wives and kids at home while they drank rather than in bars; domestic violence was the #1 crime in that setting) and drummers were in short supply. We went through each like water, or at least the ones who really had any talent (I learned to appreciate drummers). The best drummer we ever had didn't stay long simply because he was too much of an ass to put up with, and when it was done we thought we'd suffered the guy twice as long as we should have. (Which is the lesson. If you're truly a good drummer, you're never out of work. You can be crude, ugly, or unwashed in all or any combination. Just don't be a total ass and be reliable.) It was rare that we showed up somewhere to play and someone didn't mention how funny we looked on stage together as the two of us did the singing and were the only guitarists. If they only knew what opposites the two of us were. He was a devout and literally-practiced (unlike most) christian who went through this period in which he felt compelled live by the laws of the Torah, while I'm a devout pagan who has a life-long thing for the goddess. When he went through that living-by-the-laws-of-the-Torah thing I often wondered why I stuck around...I've always liked the tune 'Back Door Man', great bar tune and very simple that it can be performed without effort (drunk and stoned, if need be). He then refused to play it because it depicted adultery...Few would guess without some measure of dilligence who the really crazy fucker was of we two.

Here's the lyric to one of mine, a tune meant to be performed on the street, not be recorded and made into some strokyourtube video. I think I've posted these before, but you know how us old stoners get...Its lyrical content is connected to the original post and my thought that it may be good for those in the workforce or perparing to be that they might realize the hype and manipulation going on now throughout our society, relax, and don't let expectations get the better of you. It's your own expectations (if you're not black, or hispanic, the 'welfare' poor, or some unlucky 'other' that needs to be designated as the boogy-man authoritarin systems need to exist) that will damn you to the worst.

The Pensions Are Gone

Where will you be (when the pensions are gone?)
Just like me (when the pensions are gone?)
No future to see (when the pensions are gone?)
Don't feel so free... (when the pensions are gone.)

Rowed gently downstream. (Oh! the pensions are gone!)
Life was a dream! (Oh! the pensions are gone!)
There's rocks in the scheme! (Oh! the pensions are gone!)
You want to scream (now the pensions are gone.)

Chips in the game (and the pensions are gone.)
Gone down in flames (now the pensions are gone?)
Who will you blame (when the pensions are gone?)
Will you know their names (when the pensions are gone?)

Where is your hedge (now the pensions are gone?)
Hit with a sledge (now the pensions are gone?)
Money's thrice-pledged (and the pensions are gone.)
It's over the edge (now the pensions are gone.)

Cupboards are bare (and the pensions are gone.)
You'll share that nightmare (now the pensions are gone.)
Sell your despair (now the pensions are gone?)
It's everywhere (now the pensions are gone.)

Bank account dry (now the pensions are gone?)
Your piece of the pie... (when the pensions are gone?)
No help to cry (when the pensions are gone.)
Just work till you die (when the pensions are gone.)

Where will you be (when the pensions are gone?)
Just like me (when the pensions are gone!)
Hey, come live with me (when the pensions are gone!)
The rent is free (when the pensions are gone!)

I've got a guest suite (when the pensions are gone)
here on the street...
when the pensions are gone.

attendant thoughts 11.Sep.2015 18:18


It should be understood that this whole thing was about how society has been overtly manipulated in grand fashion, and too many for whatever reason don't have too many resistive backbone. I go to a place like zerohedge and so many of those who complain, at least it seems those who know what they're talking about, make me want to puke that they then make money from that manipulation and their participation in the dishonesty without guilty personal insult. They're as effective as a group of MoveOn people at a protest in my mind and basically the 'make everyone feel good' trolls, though maybe inadvertant in most cases. I personally believe that the greatest form of protest is non-cooperation with such mechanizations. The market is the way it is because they won't deny the beast. They feed it and just try to avoid eating its shit, not kill it.

Well, I unwittingly saw a picture of Justin Beiber and his tat sleeves. You know, when I was growing up tattoos were a badge, and recognized as some form of rebellion, usually gotten some drunken night or as I said, a form of recognition. Personally, until I stated working in my trade I was proud of the fact that I had no indentifying scars or features. Now I understand that tats and their colors have come a long way as simple adornment. That may be the case with Justin, or then it may have greater impetus in the 'bad boy' image I understand he's trying to effect. Some tats are simply stupendous and I believe they're definitly art. But personally I don't know too much that can be as personally identifying as those, as adornment or otherwise.

I don't care what one does in that regard, but it does bring to mind that forms of rebellion, with some minor exceptions, have also had Orwellian work done on them. That's the way the world works somewhat, fashion, philosophies, etc. I'm sure to some it is a definite rebellion to have tat sleeves. But I can't see, and excuse me that I know really little of him or his myth (and myth it likely is; that's the way the world has always worked anyway, mostly upon the suppositions of myth. The current scientific cosmologies are myths, just as surely as Zeus. They have some base in reality, but it can be difficult to ascertain where.

Then I ask myself, is the problem that we're so 'hooked up' we've lost the ability to discern where that truth might be in the mis-, dis-, manipulated information of this age? I've mentioned Orwell, but personally I found Huxley better informed regarding cultural personality. Orwell was just describing what he thought was the modern version of the ancient story of power and it's constant reach for control. He did study the intracies well, but he had his models in the abberations in our time of authoritarian socialism (a contradiction in terms to me) and the Nazis in Germany with their recognition of the utility of propaganda. Just what else would you call that crap in Russia after the brief initial rebellion and a short time afterward till the the bolsheviks (minority; kind of like the Republicans) had managed to overcome the Mensheviks (majority) and other political philosophies that still held some power or at least access to arms? We all know the Nazis, right? Ruthlessness, after the clothing is removed and the body examined modernly, would likely reveal the genetic links to our deeper depths of imagination. That's pretty damned far back.

Huxley seemed a bit deeper into the human psyche and with a bit less model. But looking at the internet, it seems Huxley was also more prophetic. I've no personal objection to internet porn, but do recognize that the hours it is viewed are very great. That's the least of things if you disregard the malware and information exposure. Then consider google, how its search policies push everything to agreement because it's base upon people's attention span and that a lot of searches are not really serious beyond finding some answer for use to generate hits and rise on the page. And then there are the programs that guarantee that (for a price) whatever you choose to expose on the net they'll generate those hits so that rise can be faster. I get tired of Wikipedia being cited, though they're OK. But there is motive and propaganda there, too.

Seems to me that we're getting close to the worst dream of Orwell and Huxley in combination. Neither got everything right overall, but, hell, what that combined image looks like seems real close, doesn't it?

OK. I'm done. And now I'll let you in on the real reason I'm expending my energy with this. One might think that 9/11 anniversary is the perfect time to go over it all again, but I've my doubts at this point. The anniversay is the time to either cry or get angry and not conducive to real discourse unless one can become numb, all desired effects of the event in one manner or another, and I'm sure that aspect was duly considered by those who did it, even if it was (and I don't believe it for a millisecond and never have) a bunch of Islamic terrorists. I, in my undisciplined manner, have a life-long interest in myth. I see it as ever-present, from our deepest levels of the unconscious to our most wakeful and attentive conscious minds. We are myth, to put it succinctly. (Me, too.) Even those who might seem to be above such things in some opposition to the current versions. They simply become myth-makers, and theirs is still unfolding. On the surface theirs may be vastly different and their unfolding confusing (another desired effect), in general description and consideration in relation to all the members of the set, it seems just myth.

I'm trying to avoid crying or getting angry because of the 9/11 myths for just today and focused on something equally disturbing and exemplary of the unfolding myth. All that I've stated, even those for whom 1980 is ancient history, the connections thread back very deep in time. Our lives are so short...So, if we are myth, and we can't evade living one as I did with my draft resistence, the only question which remains is which myth do you want to live. It then becomes the question all myth-makers face, which is how much energy will you expend to see your myth take its place in the first 5 hits of a google search. There is that choice in the matter, it seems.

Our lives are entangled with those we love and to whom we feel some responsibility to complicate that choice. It's hard to decide at that point, I know. Been there. I don't have some appeal for the 'greater good' and honestly feel I would be insulting to ask that anyone sacrifice that human treasure of love and the satisfaction (sometimes) of enjoying the fruits of responsibility. There'll be no, "Come on you, disappointed, disenfranchised fuckers and get in the streets". One great aspect of any current myth is that the majority as much as possible live well enough to not chance another myth with a "it's there now, it works" attitude. I don't find that objectionable, either, because I believe one has their own version of utility, and I've my versions of utility that may seem contradictory for a time. One's gotta eat, somehow stay warm or cool whichever is required, and stay dry except with choice. But, damn, there are things that can be done to squeeze the worst of this myth's neck with little energy and no real pain. If you've money major bank, get it out of there to a reputable credit union. If you've credit cards, and even if you pay the bill off each month as I do, make a little room in your pockets and pay cash for your coffee to lessen your use. I mean, c'mon...It's a great way to form a general profile of you just from the receipts in some server far, far, away that you don't control. Quit using 'direct deposit', which is one of the strategies used to retain the appearance of overnight liquidity. I know it's convenient, but that keeps you from using cash outside of a debit card with its receipts or a credit card. If you've none of these, well, I understand, and I'm not trying to push any one thing. Anything that I have barely lets me have those things, and they could be gone tomorrow. All I wish would really happen is one think about what they might do to deny some little portion of the connections.

I really do wish one to think of 9/1l. (Don't you just love the number association? The snickering is deafening.) That's a big wire at this point.

But you can do that tomorrow.

"Dope will get you through times of no money better'n money will get you through times of no dope."