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Oct 2nd: Go to Seattle. Storm UW.

What: March on University of Washington
When: October 2nd, 2pm
Where: Red Square, UW Campus
On April 25, the grassroots animal liberation movement came together for a March on UW of 500 people. People from Seattle and across the country, people who are new to the movement and people who are movement veterans, people who answered the call to show the University of Washington that there is mass public opposition to the plans to build a new underground animal lab.

On October 2, the grassroots animal liberation movement must come together once again for a second March on UW. This second march must take the passion and energy of the first march and push it further. At the first march, we rallied under the chant of "If you build it, we will come!" We have shown that we will come to office protests, we will come to home demonstrations, we will come to the site of the lab and shut it down. And so now the chant that we rally under is "We will stop this lab!"

Be there on October 2. Show the University of Washington and Skanska USA that mass public opposition means opposition that they can't stop. Show them that we will not sit by and watch as they dig an underground grave for animals, but that we will take over the streets and we will stop the lab.

The animals desperately need us to stop this lab from being built. We are the only ones who can help them. We are the only thing standing in UW and Skanska's way. What will you do?

Media from previous #MarchonUW:

 link to www.seattletimes.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.nonewanimallab.com

The Base - No New Animal Lab Tour 12.Sep.2015 13:56


The Base ‏@TheBaseBK Sayreville, NJ
Tonight at 8pm, No New Animal Lab Presentation.
 https://t.co/ixzPZPfW5s |  https://www.facebook.com/events/1659833634292812/ {Facebook warning}

The Base is a revolutionary anarchist space in Brooklyn committed to the spreading of anarchist ideas and organizing. We will establish a growing model in NYC.

Join the No New Animal Lab Tour for a presentation and discussion in New York City!

No New Animal Lab is a grassroots pressure campaign to stop international construction corporation Skanska from building a new underground animal lab at the University of Washington. If the new lab is built, thousands of animals will be tortured inside of it. People around the world are saying, "We Will Stop This Lab" -- and fighting to do so.

Join organizers of the campaign for a presentation and discussion in NYC -- home to Skanska's U.S. headquarters -- about the campaign and building the grassroots movement for animal liberation.

Co-Sponsored by the NYC Animal Defense League and NYC Anarchist Black Cross.

 https://twitter.com/TheBaseBK {tweet}