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Is Facebook Shilling for the Monsanto Project\\\?

As the UK Telegraph leader of 2 Aug. puts it, Zuckerberg "reveals deeply personal details" (allegedly about family miscarriages)... "and calls for more open discussion" -- i.e. 'Lets hear about your miscarriages' on Facebook!
Is Facebook shilling for 'The Monsanto Project'\\\?<\\\?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"\\\?>

Is Facebook shilling for 'The Monsanto Project'\\\?


Mark Zuckerberg has gone public with an announcement concerning his private life. Well that's only fair for the founder and CEO of anti-privacy Facebook--finder of the motherlode in data mining the private lives of the willing and naive. If you build it, they will come.

As the UK Telegraph leader of 2 Aug. puts it, Zuckerberg "reveals deeply personal details" (allegedly about family miscarriages)... "and calls for more open discussion"
-- i.e. 'Lets hear about your miscarriages' on Facebook.

It goes without saying of course that everyone can sympathize with any couple suffering such an anguishing loss. And that reporting medical events--to your doctor--is obviously important and necessary.

But a public call for a new foray deeper into private lives?spun as 'breaking taboos'--by a known tool of the National Security State (notably with Facebook's contributions to 'color revolutions' abroad, according to independent research; see also note 1) demands closer examination. Clearly this is not a topic of interest to advertisers. And it's understood that social policy is not directed by chance events in someone's personal life.

With the social network master seen then in a new role as New Order spokesman to the linked-in masses, this suspect appeal to end the 'miscarriage taboo' at this time raises the question: Why the sudden need to 'normalize' miscarriage\\\?

Zuckerberg says his announcement and appeal are intended to foster hope: 'When we started talking to our friends we realised how frequently this happened (miscarriage), that many people we knew had similar issues and that nearly all had healthy children after all.' (n.b. quote now removed in Telegraph cache.)

This may well be his noble intention. Nonetheless the appeal serves to mitigate warranted alarm (happens more than you might think) and potentially holds out false hope ('nearly all had healthy children after all'), according to a sinister scenario into which it neatly fits (see below). From the social policy perspective, the 'Time to talk about miscarriage' call is consistent with a prepping for rising miscarriage rates. Furthermore, Facebook is well connected to the eugenic establishment,1 whose very longstanding population control agenda casts its shadow over New Order social developments.

Read as PR cover, the Facebook appeal would recast a jump in miscarriages as a jump in the reporting of miscarriages?-a taboo overcome--as people 'share their stories' under 'a new openness,' in a shining new example of Western progressiveness and feminine liberation. 2

But for those of us who've been closely following the ominous, unmarked GM-food story, the plea comes like the thud of the other shoe dropping. It means: 'Here comes the planned, GM-food-induced infertility.' Here's why...

With the rollout of pesticide-laden GM foods circa 1996, which now even another facilitator--the WHO--admits are harmful (carcinogenic Round Up), we are now seeing the first generation of offspring from women who have been fed on them since birth.

Monsanto (US); Bayer/BASF (Germany); Syngenta (Swiss et al) GM foods have repeatedly been shown in scientific studies to cause high rates of miscarriage (>50\\\%, 1st generation) and birth defects in lab animals, among other damage, leading to complete infertility in the following or the third-generation offspring. 3 The Round Up pesticide that they carry has itself been shown to cause miscarriage in humans.4

In view of these studies, the doped foods may be expected to likely cause a birth rate drop in human populations. The decline could be explained away as due to changing lifestyles. But the causal, permanent  jump in miscarriages would be harder to obfuscate. In the scenario suggested by much compelling evidence, 5 if it can be put down to increased reporting due to more cultural 'openness' rather than to poisoned food engineered for that purpose--for genetic quality control, like gay boosterism--then the timely call to 'normalize miscarriage' would help give cover to a monstrous disabling of something even more dear to us than our lost privacy--our fertility and the fundamental human right to freely reproduce.

It's time to start a national conversation about...dead babies \\\?

It's time to sound the alarms!


Mark Birdsong

9 August, 2015


Full FB announcement article

See also EU Aims to Sterilize Populations

screen capture (telegraph.co.uk 2aug2015)



Facebook is 'in the abortion business' through its indirect but major contributions to Planned Parenthood and is linked through them to organ harvesting and sales (see below). The intermediary is a Mountain View, CA foundation, SVCF (Silicon Valley Community Foundation, with a Facebook exec on its Board), which awarded to P.P. affiliates up to $480k in 2012 (source: SVCF tax exemption form 990 public disclosure report 2012, p.196). SVCF itself received nearly one-billion-dollars worth of stock from Facebook in 2013, and $500m in FB stock the previous year (San Jose Mercury News). Other beneficiaries of FB/SVCF largesse include 'Good Ventures', another San Francisco Bay area (new Berlin) foundation, belonging to Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz. Good Ventures, which received $65 million in SVCF awards in 2012 (source: SVCF tax exemption form 990 public disclosure report 2012 p.129), is partnered with the Gates Foundation and linked with population control agency Population Services International. PSI for its part exclusively targets the developing world (India, Africa e.g.) with abortion meds. (Another noteworthy SVCF beneficiary is the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, which receives monies annually: SVCF tax exemption form 990 public disclosure report 2012, p.90.)

Like PSI, Planned Parenthood's focus is ethno-centric. Its website displays its 'community-oriented' social media sites--for 'Black Community,' 'Latinos,' and 'Teens' (of which Blacks and Latinos in the US each rate double the percentage of pregnancies compared to Whites). There is no PP 'community-oriented' social media focus for 'Whites.'

Recently videos have surfaced of a US Planned Parenthood top doctor and executive (Dr. Deborah Nucatola) nonchalantly discussing in an interview over lunch their illegal practice of organ harvesting and selling body parts from partially-birthed fetuses/newborns (up-to 6 months): 'always as many intact livers as possible...some people want lower extremities too'...what if we 'present everybody with a menu\\\?'...

On Facebook, users may click an organ donor button "Share your Organ Donor Status" to make their preferences known.

(nb-PP "Black Community" twitter page, Annual Report reference deleted following this report.)


'The voice of the Wurlitzer (or Big Brother)?the familiar, big, hefty heartiness, suggesting loud, confident self-congratulation?that we are as we are, and that only a cheap sneak would ask any questions... The style of the old patent medicine man slicked up ...to totalitarian level.'

--Marshall McLuhan, The Mechanical Bride, 1951

3 Surov study 2009, Ermakova study 2005--Russian Academy of Sciences.

4 Carrasco study 2009, Bolognesi study 2009, Paz y Mino study 2007

5 (see article)


Effrontery from New Berlin

    Infantilism--Google Play: "My Play Activity"

screen capture

The Lab Society...

    Behaviorism (a la Skinner):



screen capture

New Task

screen capture

The Scientific Dictatorship

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Facebook screen capture



If you can't beat 'em...\\\?

An alarming call to 'normalize' miscarriage


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Don't know what their agenda is.

Of course everybody just can't wait
to post the most intimate details of their lives

Why not? You have nothing to hide.
Only important people have things that must be hidden.

I use Firefox with BlockSite (there is also Leechblock).
Firefox -> Tools -> Add-ons -> BlockSite -> Options ->

This has kept the sneaky hidden Facebook call-homes out.