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Kim Davis Rally: The Signs CNN Never Showed You

The New Republican Platform
Just in case you think all those Evangelical crazies in Kentucky were just some sort of Libertarian "Constitutional" Freedom of Religion Advocates. CNN, MSNBC and even FOX refused to pan this rabid crowd and expose America to the reality behind this witch-hunting turn of events. They also refused to broadcast anything but Huckabee getting free airtime for his floundering campaign. The insane religious speeches being given rivaled the Taliban for self-serving Biblical revisionism to fit their world view. The New GOP? I'm afraid so.

. 09.Sep.2015 00:34


How did you get these photos? These protesters were waiting to greet Davis as she was released?

first mexicans- now gays 09.Sep.2015 10:51

el rAT

First it was Mexicans. Now the scapegoats de jour are Gay people. The GOP is exhibiting all the symptoms of German National Socialism circa 1933. Who's next in their line of fire? Jews? Give it a little time.

. 09.Sep.2015 19:06


If there was no media at her release, how did these photos turn up?

Actually 10.Sep.2015 09:32


Actually, the Westboro folks were protesting Davis (I am not sure if they were at her release, but they issued a statement against her because of her previous marriages). They are very bizarre people.

posted online by spies 10.Sep.2015 18:32


click click Google Images

. 10.Sep.2015 20:49


Ha! Thanks for setting it straight (NO pun), Garth. Always good to see questions answered with clarity.

. 10.Sep.2015 20:53


Yeah, thy were not there to protest gay marriage at all! Heads up, rat. Accuracy is everything.

"Referring to Jeremiah 3:20 the King James version of which reads, "Surely as a wife treacherously departeth from her husband, so have ye dealt treacherously with me, O house of Israel, saith the LORD" WBC undertook a P.R. campaign over the weekend, attacking the thrice-divorced (and legally remarried) Kim Davis in a string of Tweets and YouTube videos as an "oath breaker" and a "lawbreaker" meaning, of course, God's law.

"Get this straight: you can NOT repent of a sin you actively live. Kim must leave that man who's not her husband," the organization said on Twitter.

As if to clarify how it could so viciously attack someone who's fighting for its own principles, the group said, "Proud adulterers who divorce/remarry and refuse to call it a sin are no more a WBC member than a proud fag."

God Felt Compelled To Create... 12.Sep.2015 15:15


The Westboro Baptist Church. He works in strange ways. This could be seen as the ultimate antiwar movement.