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Idiots with Idealogy- American Skinheads: The Criminology and Control of Hate Crime

This article is about a book called, "American Skinheads: The Criminology and Control of Hate Crime," by Mark E. Hamm. This book looks at what is behind the rise of white hate groups in the United States.
The book "American Skinheads: The Criminology and Control of Hate Crime" is a good read for anyone interested in stopping the spread of racists. Before I discuss the book, I need emphasize that I said "the spread of racists," rather than "the spread of racism" for reason. To believe racist ideas is a choice made by people, very screwed up people.

"Racism" puts the idea in the form of an object, like a chair. An object exists on it's own, in it's own right and becomes something we have to live with. It's not something we have to live with. If there weren't people who didn't bring the problem into our neighborhoods, our schools, our workplaces, we wouldn't have the problem. This needs to be emphasized. If we break it down not just to being a choice, but a choice made by certain people, we have some hope in fighting the problem.
Part of the problem is that our media downplays racism, normalizes it and acts as if it just happens.

I need to stress that if you study the problem of racism you learn that so many things our culture treats as an inevitable, really aren't. Racism isn't just some thing with it's own siren's call that will trick your kids into believing it. If you raise your kids to be secure, and happy, they won't find any need to join a hate group. Self-assured people have no need to be racists because they don't have all that hate.

Most of our social problems exist solely because a group of people with a particular ideology introduces these problems. So I call it the spread of racists because that's what it is. Racism doesn't spread, racists do. If you stop the racists, you stop the problem.

About the book, I liked Part One of the book, entitled, "Idiots with Ideology." This chapter focuses on racists and what drives them to be that way.

The book looks at the impact of events, like one that happened Portland, the murder by Nazi skinheads of Mulugeta Seraw.
The book did a fair job going over the events in that case. It discusses who did the murder and who they hung out with. The book discusses the origin of and connection of racist groups in other parts of the country, too.

I should stress now that it does matter what happens in the rest of the country as far as these problems are concerned. How these hateful people act, recruit, and seize political power effects Oregon. The most important question is always "how", "how" something happens, how a problem comes into being. "How" do we have so many police shootings happening all over the U.S. all at once and why is there even less justice now than 10 years ago? "How" can we have racism and fascism spreading so rapidly, not just all in the U.S. but the world in 2015?

These are critical questions. They need to be answered. The most important question of all is naturally, "how do we fight this?" We need a solid community in Portland, but we need to see what is happening both good and bad elsewhere, too. This is everyone's fight.

All these racists all over the U.S. fraternize with each other. Nazi's spew hatred, hatred based on absurd ideas that normal people don't believe in. This means these people have to go to only each other for support. Considering what moronic things they believe in, they don't have much in the way of options for friends. They really would have to go out of the area to find enough stupid people who believe the same things they do. That means they get around. We don't have to go to the same lengths because we can find people who think like us easily. We don't need to rummage through the sociopath bin like they do.

These racists would use their organized base to force the world to put up with them. They aren't above violence to achieve that end. This is a problem and it is getting worse every day.

Racists are people who make no sense. Racist violence is almost always directed towards strangers. I always thought it was not only weird but pointless to hurt people you don't even know based on their demographic. It takes an epic level stupidity to do that. These problems are about the racist and not other people of different races and ethnicities.

Normal people only get angry at people who actually have hurt them. Normal people don't generalize about people for something stupid as race. Normal people have the capacity to recognize that all members of any demographic are not all the same. Normal people know people are individuals.

We all have better things to do than put up people who hurt others. We could have great communities that do so many wonderful things without people trying to share their own misery by inflicting it on us.

It's not just the black community that suffers. Really all minority groups, ethnic groups, religious groups, women and more are all targeted by these people. For example, I learned that white power groups have initiation rites and that one of these initiations was participating in a gay bashing.

Through studying the racist problem you learn the cause of so many other problems. The public isn't educated as to the "why" and "how" of so much that happens in the U.S. Activists, even those not involved in anti-racism, need to understand the particulars about these problems.

Racists may be organized but we can be organized, too. We can fight them. We need to be just as well organized, if not more.

In a more just world, they would be laughed out of town the minute they opened their racist mouths. Let's make it a just world. It's not easy, but it can be done. As for laughing in their faces, I try to do that every day!

The book also quotes a report by the Anti-Defamation League that said, these groups "have severe internal problems. There is substantial evidence of drug use, Satanism, intra-gang violence and all other socio-pathic tendencies..."

Not much a surprise there. I always figured these fools were sociopaths who kicked puppies in their spare time. If we gave them half a chance they would try to blame the puppies for getting kicked, like they blame people of color. "Well, puppies poop and that's why we have the right to kick them!"

We are all impacted by these crimes, whether we realize it or not. These groups give insecure, sadistic people a place to act out on innocent people. Strong communities are communities where we don't have to live with the fear of being harmed.