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Endless Psycho-Political Katrinas

Americans are not stupid. Just brainwashed.

The Internet is being killed.
Here is a great quote from a fairly anonymous blurb on the "Europe" website:


 link to 3.bp.blogspot.com
The Illuminati is flooding the internet with so much content, including highly intricate disinformation, that everyone gets stuck in the trivial details. Their hope is that with so many gripping stories to explore, with their staggeringly involved details, that no one will be able to put the "Big Picture" together anymore. It's called "hiding in the crowd".

This is why they create an ongoing series of violent events and cover ups, everyone rushes to investigate them but no one can figure out things anymore.

And that is no coincidence.

Still trying to analyze the situation with Ivory Tower prefabricated political constructs?

Maybe try something that could create a tangible result! Get simple score voting.

There now exist only about five "progressive" blogs on the entire internet that are significantly large enough for me to post to. The earlier ones were all sabotaged in various ways. Thousands of half-baked "libertarian" sites still exist, however.