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Economists Support a $15 Minimum

Wages in the US have been stagnant for 35 years. Milton Friedman and conservative trickle-down economists have long dominated mainstream neoliberal economics so that the gains of increased productivity have not been shared. CEOs have often been stylized as "job creators" and workers as "cost factors." Profits have skyrocketed while investments and wages have fallen by the wayside. The market is not self-healing.Higher wages is a counter-measure to exploding inequality
to read the 4-page statement by Mary King, Professor Emerita at Portland State University, click on

 link to www.15nowpdx.org

to hear the press conference with Mary King, Marty Hart-Landsberg and Robin Hahnel, click on


Oregon Economists Support $15 Minimum Wage
August 18, 2015 15NowPDX

No one who works should live in poverty, and we know that anything less than $15 isn't enough for working people in Oregon to afford the basic necessities without having to rely on public assistance. This is why we have been fighting for $15 here in Portland, and in the State of Oregon for the last year and half.

The movement for $15 has gone from fast food workers, to cities, to the state level, and is now raging all across the country. Recently, over 200 economists signed onto a letter of support for a federal $15 minimum wage, and 10 of those economists live and work right here in the State of Oregon. Today three of those economists - Drs. Mary King, Marty Hart-Landsberg, and Robin Hahnel - held a press conference at Portland State University to talk about why they support $15 not only nationally, but also as the statewide minimum wage here in Oregon.

Click Here is read Dr. Mary King's full statement.

Click Here to listen to the full press conference on KBOO's podcast.

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