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Black Monday! Wall Street Crash! Global War! Tomorrow!?

Yeah tomorrow it's all over.

Sorry about that.

(My predictions are only about 40% true.)
The worst crisis is in Syria. A large Israeli backed Axis including USA-created ISIS, Turkey (which is also attacking the former USA allies, the Druze), Saudi / UAE funded mercenaries, (and Lebanon) are trying to wreck the democratically elected government of Syria's Assad. The USA has sent _six_ F-16 fighter jets to help with the overthrow. In return, Russia has sent _six_ MiG-31s (with ultra-super radar) (which are worth 100 F-16s).

North Korea is playing a game of chicken with South Korea that is likely as not to start a shooting war with China. (The threats have become super-heated.)

It is quite well established that the installed government of Eastern Ukraine is beginning an attempt to totally crush the Donetsk People's Republic in the East (which Russia will not ever allow) with a super-massive buildup of firepower.

And China may be about to retaliate against Japan and Israel for trade interferences.

SO! All that should help cover up the massive Monday Wall Street crash (and simultaneous global crash) tomorrow.

(If my sources prove to be correct.)

Meanwhile, here's some entertainment:

Time to protest is NOW!!!

Russia Now Denies Sending Six MiG-31s To Syria 24.Aug.2015 03:23


Sputnik News:
"Russia has not sent Mikoyan MiG-31 supersonic interceptors to Syria..."

However, The US appears to be ready to send B-52 bombers to South Korea.

The Aviationist:
U.S. ready to deploy B-52 bombers to South Korea amid escalating crisis in the peninsula

The Russian Mig-31 is the world's fastest interceptor jet. The US B-52 is (perhaps) the world's largest strategic jet bomber.

Maybe we bomb North Korea if the stock market drops?

Yawn 24.Aug.2015 12:28


Yawn. Blues wrong again. Weird how that happens when you don't deal in reality.

So The Turks Simply Lied 24.Aug.2015 15:19


BGNNews - Turkey's leading source of English news:
 link to world.bgnnews.com

"Russia sends six fighter jets to Syrian administration
Six MiG-31 fighter jets from Russia have landed in Damascus, in partial fulfillment of a protocol signed between Moscow and the Syrian regime in 2007."

----- So the Turks lied. I was actually slightly skeptical because the MiG-31 is strictly an air-to-air interceptor designed to stop bombers at long range (a "strategic" situation). Anything in Syria, which is a rather small country, would likely involve missiles, or small inexpensive strike jets.

I still feel Syria is the most dangerous situation because all of the players have so many military assets in tat relatively small territory.

Dow Jones dropped as much as 1,089 points in the opening minutes, but made up most of it in the afternoon. (The Dow is kind of fake, like the unemployment statistics.) Still, this demonstrates that the Plunge Protection Team is probably losing its mojo. Things are not looking all that great.

You Don't Need To Be Paid For This -- Get Havidol! 24.Aug.2015 17:03


Your Own Personal Savior:


You all CIA types come from Connecticut, right?

Capitola Avenue in Bridgeport (behind Father Panic Village) is low-pay?

How about the Hells Angels dead end streets in Norwalk? Eh?

Reality is not a deal. It's an egg sandwich at six in the morning. Eat it.