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When Resistance Becomes A Duty. Call for an end to the JBLM Protection Division

The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division, led by Thomas Rudd, and his bitch lap dog Daniel Vessels, continues to illegally collect information about people who have done nothing wrong. What they do to us, we can do to them. Let's start collecting on the collectors. Let's start watching the watchers.
Something is horribly wrong at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and if you're paying any attention at all you know that it's getting worse. The privacy and freedoms that you once took for granted have been taken from you, without your permission. In return you've been given the false promise of safety. But safety from what and from whom. The only real threat is coming from those people in power who pretend that they are protecting you, when in truth they are violating your rights and freedoms with impunity. The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division, with a total disregard for law and regulation, is gathering information about your private life, about your political and religious beliefs, about your comments to friends and family posted to social media, about your personal associations and your private friendships.

More and more frequently peaceful citizens are being beaten, Tazered, and arrested for the most trivial of offenses, based upon information collected by the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division. Don't be lulled in to believing that your name is not contained in their databases as well. Anyone who questions government activities or opposes government policies is a potential terrorist in the eyes of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division.

Every morning in their daily bulletin they instruct the military and civilian personnel living and working on the base to report suspicious activity directly to them. And just what is this suspicious activity these evil men want reported to them? Well, in their own words "nothing is too trivial to report". Take a photograph, ask an innocent question, or even express an opinion on social media that the government does not approve of, and you will find your life being scrutinized by Thomas R. Rudd and Daniel L. Vessels at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division. Your name and personal details will be entered into military antiterrorism databases, to be shared with law enforcement and security agencies nationwide ( link to www.nwguardian.com).

And so it happens again and again until it becomes natural for you to fear taking a photograph, or expressing your opinion on social media, for fear of being reported to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division and thereafter being brutalized by the military and civilian police that work on the base. Like the schoolyard bully who is allowed to terrorize and assault the other children, if that behavior is not addressed and immediately corrected it will continue.

Where is the Base Commander? Where is the Provost Marshall? Why don't these men put an end to this criminal activity? It is certainly within their power to do so. Because it just may be that they are a part of it. Do they benefit from the people who live and work on the base being repeatedly brutalized until they fear the sight of an MP walking through the housing area? As long as antiterrorism officers are allowed to collect information about the residents of Joint Base Lewis-McChord; as long as the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division is collecting "suspicious activity reports" about us we cannot trust any MP or civilian police officer on the base.

What can you do? First demand that the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division be shut down. Make them stop collecting information about us. We are not terrorists and they have no right to collect suspicious activity reports about Americans in the first place. But it is unlikely that they will stop this illegal activity, it has been going on too long.

So, we do to them what they are doing to us. We begin watching the watchers. Find out where they live, and post their addresses for all to see.

What type of cars do they drive, and what's the tag number? Where are their offices located? Do they have family in the area, if so what are their addresses? Where do their children and grandchildren go to school? Stop by their homes and take some photos? Pick up their trash and see what's in it. Find their social media sites; what do they talk about on Facebook? Who are their online friends?

Now we certainly don't suggest that you commit any crimes, but gathering information about someone's private life and personal business must be legal since the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division is doing it, and nobody has made them stop. Remember, every MP, every civilian police officer, every security guard on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and all of their commanders and supervisors, are a legitimate target for information collection. If they don't stop the illegal activities of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division, then they must condone and approve of their crimes.

What they do to us, we will now do to them.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Who watches the watchers?