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Hunter S. Thompson's Famous 9/11 Interview - III

Oh God look at this.

This guy was shot and killed by the FBI.

Why do you suppose?
Hunter S. Thompson's Famous 9/11 Interview - III

Flag Sucking, Patriotic Orgy 17.Aug.2015 20:21


Hunter S. Thompson 9/11 Interview 8/29/2002

blues is blue 21.Aug.2015 20:16


guise its so sad you have to samefag spam the wire because indy is dead here. but also it's funny. like watching a chimp masturbate. OO OO OO OO AH AH AH

true 22.Aug.2015 11:15



i love it 22.Aug.2015 21:02


"This guy was shot and killed by the FBI. "

I love it. Blues, please never change. You are the epitome of what makes this site so insanely beautiful and unintentionally hilarious.

Strange 23.Aug.2015 07:00


Strange how his son Juan says it was suicide. Particularly strange since he was in the house at the time. No doubt he was a CIA agent, probably the same one who took down the World Trade Center, blew up the Boston Marathon, and killed JFK.

Ah, now it all makes sense.

Unresolved 24.Aug.2015 00:11



Unresolved Mysteries -- Suicide of Hunter S. Thompson

Before that she had said many other cryptic things about someone who was harassing her over trying to make her sell Owlfarm, and that she was going to go public with information that she had about this person if they didn't back off, but she wanted to talk to the Pitkin County coroner again to make sure she was right and had the evidence to prove it. Well the person that was harassing her about selling Owlfarm was hunter's son Juan. And interestingly enough, Anita get's to live at Owlfarm but if it ever get's sold the money goes to Juan and Hunter's first wife Sandy. Hmm

Juan's behavior on the day of the suicide was unusual. He fired off a twelve gauge in the front yard just moments after his father killed himself. He told the officer he thought the gun was a .357 when it was a .45 (Juan had been raised with guns and should have known the difference). And finally he placed a gold scarf around Hunters neck while he was still sitting in his chair and bloody and gory after the suicide.