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Increased assaults on me by fbi prompt this report

Recently the fbi increases DEW assaults , psychological & physical attacks, and remote tampering with my car. This post is inspired by the low creatures who engage in these and other crimes.
sosbee vs fbi thugs
sosbee vs fbi thugs
Some of my reports are here:


Ours, the most important work of this Age:
My thoughts follow on the efforts of the oppressed to expose the human monsters of this era.

By my articles/reports and those of other oppressed, tortured and terrorized persons, the macabre & inhumane character of the culture of the United States of America is shown to all the world. The evil minds of fbi, cia, dod, irs, nsa , etc., are revealed in all their horror by those of us who are being attacked, extremely abused and gruesomely murdered by government thugs
& their civilian operatives. By virtue of our efforts the reader/thinker may easily discover that abhorrent and detestable subhumans -quasi monsters- are shaping the destiny of our species . This revelation in the context of the indomitable human spirit and the universal human repulsion to murderous tyranny means that much suffering on a large scale may ensue .

For no one accepts the kind of unspeakable crimes now being committed by the fbi, cia, dod and company that we labor to make public. Those of us on the front lines of this awakening are the precursors of a new civilization which promises in the words of my friend Lissa a 'humane life' for all.

To all of my friends & associates: thank you and may God Bless you and beckon you to continue your great humanitarian work, as I also hope to continue mine for as long as Providence may permit.

Fbi are terrorists

Fbi trains all police leaders at National Academy to threaten, beat, torture, imprison and murder innocent subjects:

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