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I present with my friend Barbara Hartwell a summary of evidence on the evil & corruption of the US government as shown in atrocities committed in its name by the fbi/cia.
The overthrown government of the United States of America cannot hide its macabre & evil character:



I extend my eternal gratitude and expression of love to my wonderful and faithful friend , Barbara Hartwell, for the above report and for her incredible, unwavering and true friendship to me for more than a decade.


"If Geral Sosbee, a Messenger of Truth and Defender of Liberty, with impeccable credentials, who served his country, in various capacities, always with honor in his heart, is a Target of such diabolical persecution, what does that say about the government of the country who engineered this campaign against him?"

homepage: homepage: http:// www.sosbeevfbi.com
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address: address: usa

The correct link to Hartwell report is shown below 09.Aug.2015 11:39

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

sosbee vs fbi thugs
sosbee vs fbi thugs

What You Were Referring To? 09.Aug.2015 17:22


Except for a very minor stint working for the Census, and another very brief State job, I have never had any connections with any government agency. If I was snarky, I didn't mean to offend.

It's really hard to deal with your assertions if you neglect to mention how my "transgressions" (whatever they might be) were "perpetrated".

How do I know that someone isn't doing some sick psyop, making it look like I wam behind it?

I wish I had some idea what you have in mind.