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GOP Debate Displays Desperate Divisive Demagogues Bent on WWIII

Thanks God it's finally over Just having FAUX-News on my TV at all is a paranormal experience
My Fellow Americans...
My Fellow Americans...
After watching the "debate" all I can safely say is that the Republican Party is hellbent on starting World War Three as soon as possible. Ben Carson has to be the craziest of them all. They let this guy operate on people? According to him, there is no evidence of racism in the way cops and minorities interact Is he a Black Man from freaking MARS?? It's all just exaggerated by liberals with their own anti-police agenda, according to Ben. He's also ready to beef up the U.S. military by billions and go to war with Iran. All the candidates seem to want war with Iran. "The Mother of Terror" they call it, although Saudi Arabia funds more terrorist operations worldwide than any other country. 911 anyone? Rand Paul was the only one who justified negotiations as a tool, but thinks Kerry cut a rotten deal.. All the others, without exception, if elected, would set the USA on a total war footing. They all whined about how the armed forces are 25% smaller than before Obama, but neglect to mention the billion dollar increases in sophisticated nuclear weaponry. They want voters to think we may be outgunned in the long run, instead of enlightening them on how all these anti-terror ops are manipulated and staged to justify even more arms expenditures and U.S. blood staining the foreign sands of Syria and Iraq. Why don't the Saudis step up on the war on ISIS? They don't do SHIT and it's their biggest supposed enemy. We sell them billions in armaments. Egypt too. Neither nation really bombs these forces. They just let American politicians convince stupid voters that our "allies" are under radical seige and need our help. Hahahaha I'D laugh if it wasn't so deadly a concept. The crowd itself sounded rabid, cheering and stomping the most inane, insane comments any politicians have ever made. Destroy the IRS! They cried. Ban ALL abortions, even if your little Prom Queen is carrying twins because some scumbag raped her. The gift that always remembers I suppose. Trump screw thousands out of billions and defends it as "everybody does it". Most of them want to gut Social Security, Disability benefits, Food Stamps, Women's health centers, and don't even mention Planned Parenthood. At least they didn't ask Trump what HE thought about God. Christie was the all time loudmouth buffoon compliments of 911 and DHS. Mr. "Terror Fighter" indeed. I thought he was going to punch Rand Paul, who at least gave lip service to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. All in all a rather rabid collection of self-anointed egomaniacs living in some 1950's DC comic book. It's as if they all just materialized from "Leave It To Beaver" and were disoriented and lost in the new America of 2015 where things are quite different to say the least. White males are no longer the High Princes of business and the arts they used to be. The yearning for an America that's the biggest kid on the block is strong but hopeless. Our collective consciousness has evolved far betyond the self serving rhetoric of these plastic pretenders to the throne. WE are the real "outsiders" here, not Trump or Paul or any of these clowns. That's why Trump has some traction. He is a real outsider. But his vision is so uneducated, so reactionary and geared toward fear and loathing of the rest of the world that it's beyond the Ionosphere as far as being in synch with the majority of people these days. We are witnessing the Last Hurrah here of the Nixonian DNA in it's final death dance. ANY Democrat will be far better that anything these two-dimensional Troglodytes have to offer.

Carly Fiorina 08.Aug.2015 18:39

Rodentia Citizen

I knew I recognized that face!!!