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Activists Hang from Bridge in Portland to Block Shell’s Arctic vessel

A group of environmental activists have rappelled off a bridge in Portland, Oregon, in a bid to block a key vessel in Shell's Arctic drilling fleet leaving the city's port.
"Our goal is to basically demonstrate as much community resistance to Shell's plans to drill for oil and secure new oil reserves in the Arctic," Meredith Cocks, of local green group Portland Rising Tide, told Reuters.

 link to earthfirstjournal.org

Shell Icebreaker is Blocked - Join in Rise up! 30.Jul.2015 13:18


This morning Shell's arctic drilling icebreaker approached the St. Johns bridge but was turned back by the climbers hanging from the bridge and the kayaks on the water. It has still not left Portland and the blockade has been successful! The arctic drilling will not be able to start as long as we keep it here.

To keep this up we need your continued support. Please come out and join us at any time today either in Cathedral Park to be on land or to launch in a kayak. We need to keep a presence on the land and water. The info table and check-in area is on the north side of the park by the boat ramp. Today we have the following schedule:

3:00 PM --- Kayak training
5:00 PM --- Kayak training
6:00 PM --- Launch of kayak flotilla
8:00 PM --- Concert and rally

Please join us as you are able throughout the day. In the event that Shell's ship tries to leave and we need urgent support for the blockade we will send a message to the text alert network. To join the text alert network please text @shellnopdx to 23559. Info and alerts will then be sent to you.

We also need supplies. Please check our list and bring items to the info tent at the boat ramp at Cathedral Park.

Many organizations have been involved in this action and we couldn't do this without them and your support.

Thank you!

Portland RT

PS - You can also donate to help the blockade continue!

4pm update 30.Jul.2015 16:06


Reports that cops are moving in on St Johns protesters on bridge ?!
Coast guard & lots of police

Cops cutting lines 30.Jul.2015 16:25

Main Stream TV

4:25 pm
Reports that cops are cutting lines in activists hanging from St Johns bridge #noshell

Fennica Has Broken Free 30.Jul.2015 18:14

Mercury coverage

The Fennica Has Broken Free of Portland, But Not Before So Much Amazing #ShellNoPDX Chaos
by Dirk VanderHart
Mercury Blog


Whoops link to Mercury Blog Coverage 30.Jul.2015 18:18


Video: Greenpeace Protest on the St. Johns Bridge 30.Jul.2015 21:56


video 2:44

Greenpeace Protest on the St. Johns Bridge


drone footage of bridge hanging activists and kayaktivist