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Tormenting Greece is about sending a message

Many of Germany's leading thinkers, from Günter Grass to Jürgen Habermas, have issued similar warnings. It is not accidental that these warnings came from men old enough to remember Nazism and their country's physical and moral post-war devastation. The generation now in power in Germany seems to have forgotten everything. It is now not even a case of being "first among equals" - Germany is first in a new Europe of unequals.
Tormenting Greece is about sending a message that we are now in a new EU
by Finian O'Toole, July 14, 2015, The Irish Times

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Firstly, Greece's sovereignty is no longer pooled - it has been surrendered after what EU officials gleefully called "mental waterboarding".

By closing the Greek banks, threatening Greek voters and countering the Greek government's surrender with terms designed to be utterly humiliating, the EU and euro zone leadership finished off the notion of consent. All the waffle about solidarity and respect has been exploded and we are left with an EU based on six little letters: or else.

A new idea has been shoved into the foundations of the EU - the idea that a member state can and will be brought to heel. And brought to heel, not quietly or subtly, but openly and ritually in a Theatre of Cruelty designed for that sole purpose.

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The euro zone leaders lesson 28.Jul.2015 19:58


A quote from the article:

// And as a coercive institution it has moved into a state of profound division. There is no deeper divide than that between those who are punished and those who do the punishing, between those who are brought to heel and those who shout "Heel!" //

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