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9.11 investigation

New 911 Photos of Terrorists

911 perpe-traitors Cheney, Rice and Bush are caught like deer in the headlights in these new photos released under the Freedom of Information Act by CNN
"first you blow the basement then the rest falls in the hole"
Just another day
Just another day
I am GOD!!
I am GOD!!
"Rice thinks I'm Satan but she'll cover our asses on this thing"
Nailbiting always looks good
Nailbiting always looks good
"Ahhh- I can finally relax- bring me an iced Bourbon!"
Trying to look shocked and surprised, the 911 criminal cabal watches their handiwork unfold on 911. Cheney's feet up on the desk says it all. These are the faces of mass murderers. Scared faces that realize the gravity of their act and the huge chance they were taking in pulling off the greatest false-flag event since the Trojan Horse. And they are still getting away with it. Despite the fact that hundreds of building designers and engineers have attested to the utter impossibility of the official scenario. Steel building don't drop at the speed of gravity and the USA's defenses are so advanced that the very idea of hijacked planes flying around for hours and actually striking The Pentagon with absolutely zero interference from the armed forces is less that idiotic. Bush and Cheney committed High Treason on 911 and their scared, guilty expressions say more than a million words ever could. No wonder they fought the release of these pictures. They really tell a story.

Always remember 28.Jul.2015 05:57


Always remember that rAT's and other such minded people's 9-11 theories rest on the racist assumption that people with brown skin are too stupid to have done this.

RE: " Always remember " / " racism " 28.Jul.2015 17:17

so wait a sec

Three steel frame skyscrapers collapsed at free fall velocity, into their own footprints in NYC on 11 September 2001.

the (U.S. government agency, subisdiary of Commerce Department) National Institute of Standards and Technology aka NIST issued multiple reports stating that all three of these building collapses were due to: 'office fires'.

(no: they were not due to "airliner impacts" - read the reports. furthermore World Trade Center Building 7 wasn't hit by an aircraft.

Even further: the WTC towers were designed by their engineers to withstand multiple airliner impacts  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/02/429225.shtml#441278 )

Free fall velocity collapse of a steel framed skyscraper building into its own footprint has never been seen in architecture or engineering history, prior to 9/11 in NYC.

This conclusion -- of the professionally respected NIST, is somehow a "racist" one ?!

Oh, and Garth we've been on to your schtick for awhile :

RE: " Brown people are too stupid to have done this " 22.Feb.2015 18:53

Further to the " Brown people did / didn't / couldn't do it " 22.Feb.2015 19:25

Garth = "Brown people are too stupid to have done this"

motherf*ker deluxe 04.Aug.2015 15:10

el rAT

suck it
Langley Alumni Garth the King of All Trolls
Langley Alumni Garth the King of All Trolls