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Why Should We Support the Idea of Universal Basic Income\?

Work and income have already uncoupled because of automation and the digital world. The basic income will lead to guaranteeing everyone the right to work and to share socially, economically and politically in a less stressful and less authoritarian economy. Workers would have the freedom to say No to excessive or exploitative work. Basic income, reduced working hours and community centers (as in Vancouver B.C.) are correctives to exploding inequality.
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In the 21st century, as we continue quickly automating away half our jobs in the next 20 years -- jobs less cognitively-complex and more physically-laborious -- we need to enable ourselves to freely pursue our more creative and complex ventures. Some of the best work happening right now, is the stuff being done in our free time -- that is unpaid -- like Wikipedia and our many other open-source community creations, not to mention all the care work performed for our young and elderly. Basic income is a means of recognizing this unpaid work as having great societal value, and further enabling it...

The idea of basic income cuts across all party lines. From the extreme right to the extreme left, we are hearing calls for basic income. Those on the right love its potential to shrink the size of government and do away with minimum wage laws, while those on the left love its potential to reduce inequality and once and for all put an end to poverty. Basic income is not "left" or "right". It's forward.

So why should you support unconditional basic income\? Why should you have supported the abolition of slavery back in the late 19th century\? Why should you have supported the right for people other than rich white men to vote\? Why should you have supported our landing on the Moon\? Why should you have supported the ending of the Vietnam war, or the beginning of LBJ's war on poverty\?

Because you want to make our world a better place. That's why.

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Thanks 02.Aug.2015 11:53

Jim Lockhart

Thanks for keeping this important subject alive here on Portland IMC!