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Summer of discontent: Mega-project protests across B.C.

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Summer of discontent: mega-project protests loom across B.C.
by Cheryl Chan, The Province, July 23, 2015


Major resource development schemes, from pipelines to the Site C dam, have many people ready to stand up and be counted

A number of major resource development projects in the works in B.C. are facing near-unprecedented levels of opposition from groups vowing the projects will never get off the ground.

Mega-project pipelines and LNG plants are touted to bring windfalls of jobs and riches to the province, but they have also triggered disobedience and dissent.

"The number of big projects with big fights at the same time is something new," said Ben West, executive director of Tanker Free B.C. "There have been multiple forestry projects at the same time with campaigns against them ... but people mobilizing at this level on so many things simultaneously is new."

Facing a gauntlet of determined residents, environmental groups and First Nations are: Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion, the Site C hydroelectric dam, Woodfibre LNG and Enbridge's Northern Gateway project the opposition to which is rivalled only by the legendary Clayoquot Sound protests in the 1990s, said West.

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