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The Death Of The American Dream --Full E-Book

Fuck it. The Death Of The American Dream is now available in full, FREE at
We`re in some ways really living in Hitler`s world, but he was only ever a front for something colder: The Death Of The American Dream.

Unwittingly recruited to be used in domestic covert warfare two American teens have to find out why they were recruited, and who recruited them; before facing a fate worse than death, life without love.

Unraveling the history behind the sixties and the major players that shaped post-war America. The Death Of The American Dream teases a story most people would never imagine.

Based on original interviews the book introduces the mystery of western culture and holds many surprises for the initiated and layperson that may continue to haunt a person long after it`s read.

[...Walt Curtis has described Chloe's writing as "Electric".]

[It has all the glamour, grit, and violence of Hollywood's greatest noir classics, right up until the getaway scene.] -Vanity Fair, (In response to Shadows In The Night; scenes inspired by The Death Of The American Dream.)


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