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Correction for another article

It is too late to correct a mistake with another article, and I would like to post that correction here.
In the article, "White Supremacists Involved in Human Trafficking and a Series of Unsolved Murders," there were two pieces of information which were crucial for proving what I alleged about white supremacists in the article. The first piece of missing information is the result of a website I link to which has been taken down recently.

This being said, I still have back ups of that information and I posted it here on this website:  http://www.angelfire.com/members/info_bin/

Another crucial component of proving what I claim in that article is a book written by a white supremacist. It was supposed to post with that story and didn't. I believe the file size was too large to be uploaded. Instead, that book can be read here:

do over again 22.Jul.2015 11:40


Just re-post your (updated) corrected-article as a complete new article on the newswire

Never thought of that 22.Jul.2015 17:58

the revolution will not be gentrified

I had no idea you could redo an article. Thanks!